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Developer: Witching Hour Studios

Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.00
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3GS

Graphics / Sound Rating: ★★★★½
Game Controls Rating: ★★★★½
Gameplay Rating: ★★★★★
Replay Value Rating: ★★★★☆

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

The iOS platform is uniquely suited for turn based strategy and tactics games. All the depth that goes into a great turn based strategy game can be organized and accessible in a very intuitive way via the iOS touch screen. Turn based play in generally well suited to iOS devices because it doesn’t rely on complicated controls, just a simply tactical interface through which players can issue commands to units at their convenience.

If there is one word that explains Ravenmark perfectly, it is epic. The narrative is substantial and sweeping. The game’s elements are varied and tactically divers, offering players countless strategic options. The battle system is complex, with a depth that is often missing in most games on a mobile platform. However, this complexity isn’t so unwieldily. The game does a great job at introducing its rich battle system to players piece by piece and after a few skirmishes players will be ready to roll.

To say the battle system is rich is an understatement. Ravenmark‘s battle system is composed of depth and layers that provide an endless supply of tactical options. Unit movements, formations, attack options, special abilities, and leader effects all mix together in a complex yet completely manageable system. Because it is the core of the game, this battle system means that players will have lots of fun taking on new challenges in each of the game’s levels.

The involved narrative of Ravenmark is the icing on this multilayered strategy cake. The campaign story of political intrigue involving several different nations and subtle plays for power is the extra little push that will keep players hopelessly engaged with this game. Players looking for a truly epic strategy experience on the iOS platform should grab this game immediately. Without a doubt, it is one of the best strategy games available, and it well worth the price of entry.

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