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Our Review by Arron Hirst on February 14th, 2010
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PositionApp™ allows developers and consumers alike to visually see the ranking status, rise and fall increments and more of each app they own in the store - and all on the move. This app is pure genius.

Developer: Ustwo™
Price: FREE (Introductory)
Version Reviewed: 1.1
Reviewed on: iPhone 3GS

iPhone Integration [rating:5/5]
Usability [rating:4.5/5]
User Interface [rating:4.5/5]

Re-use / Replay Value [rating:5/5]

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar

A few months back now the guys over at ustwo™ kindly sent me a pre-release copy of PositionApp™ to check out. Being an app reviewer and blogger, I have to say that the moment I got a sniff that this app was in development, I was excited. At first I thought Apple would never let something like this through, after all .. it kinda dawned on me that maybe an app like this couldn't physically be created within or conform to the current SDK regulations. Now, after months of playing around with the app, I can finally let you all in of what I think of it!

The concept of PositionApp™ is to let you track the daily, weekly and monthly rankings of every application on the App Store, right from your phone, a feature that Apple probably should've put out themselves. Because the app centers around app ranking, PositionApp™ will more than likely appeal to both sides of the coin; App Store customers and App Store developers, but then there's this other side. App reviewers. With PositionApp™ ability to show an applications ranking over a day, week and month, PositionApp™ really does become a must have for app reviewers like myself.

So, now we get down to the actual app. Opening PositionApp™ you'll greeted with a list of the 'Top 8 Movers' from the top 100 applications across all store genres. This gives you a quick glance of the apps that are the hottest at that very moment. Need more scope? Swiping across will widen your field of search bringing back the 'Top 8 Movers' this time for the top 300 applications across all store genres. Swiping across again will reveal your saved favourites which we'll get into a bit later.

The app has four tabs along the bottom 'Dashboard' (as just explained above), Favorites, Search and Browse. Tapping any apps icon within the app will throw you to a more detailed pane, with each position number in it's own bubble. Here, you can see the app's current store position, the change in it's store position and sort position results by country. Tapping the 'Day' button in the bottom right will give you even more options to see this data for both that week or across a number of months. Tapping any of one the results will also flip all of the position bubbles around to reveal the app's change in position for that week or month. You also have the option to switch between that app's category, or see its position in the whole of it's store. To do this simply tap 'All' (bottom left). PositionApp™'s absolute unique selling point though is this is the first app every to offer 6 months of retrospective app positioning data.

Okay, so .. Maybe you'd like to follow a set number of apps you want to keep an eye on more than others? This is where 'Favorites' comes in. Throughout the app you'll find little stars. Tapping them will instantly add that app to your Favorites tab. Once in your Favorites tab you'll be able to see the developer, name, its current price and date of release or last update for each app you've favourited. Tapping on the price of any app within PositionApp™ will take you to the App Store to purchase or download that app.

Need to find an app yourself? Head to the search tab. Here, just like the App Store, you can search for any app which takes your fancy. Maybe you're a developer looking to keep a track on the position of your own app, or a high-profile app reviewer looking to see if your last review(s) made a positive effect. The search tab gives you the ability to search the whole store by the app's name, developer, or if you want to search the whole store for the keyword, just tap 'All'. The Browse tab on the other hand will let you search by country, in each category, for the app you are looking for - it's pretty nifty.

My only little caveat is that the 'Share' option throughout the app, which allows for mailing app positions straight from within the app, doesn't seem to be active in this shipping version, stating a: "This device cannot send e-mail." error, on trying to use the feature.

Overall, I like PositionApp™ and I think that it is one app certain to make an impression on the App Store crowd. From everyday customers, to app developers and app reviewers, this app applies to everyone looking to keep an eye on what's happening in the App Store at any given time. The best bit? - thanks to world's largest ad network AdMob, PositionApp™ is absolutely free. Although there is word that the app will be put up for sale in a few months, so my advice to all of you is - get in quick!


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