How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb Review
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How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb Review

Our Review by Chris Nitz on February 11th, 2011
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If normal books were this entertaining, more people would read about history.

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The atomic bomb is a marvel of technology. Even with the horrid stigma behind it, this device brings forth a bounty of scientific theories. What is crazy about the development process of this device is how much technology went into photographing and recording movies of this deadly device. Thankfully, someone took the time to create a great book on just this aspect!

How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb is not an instruction manual you will be putting into practice anytime soon. What this app provides is a great eBook covering many of the techniques used to capturing the various stages of development and testing of the atomic bomb. Everything from crazy camera rigs, special film, timing techniques, and more are covered in this book.

Where this app goes beyond just a normal eBook is in the included movies. There are portions where the book dives into the setups for the full motion capture of detonations. You will read about the camera gear, the setups, and the technicalities behind each movie. These are then followed up with the actual movie that was just previously broken down. It goes a long way to showing the outcome of all that info you just put into your head.
One would think that an eBook crammed with photos and movies would run like molasses on a cold winter’s day. This is not the case here. Page turns are quick and responsive. Movies even fire up almost the instant you tap the play button. The only thing missing is some audio to really set those movies off.

The one thing that would make this app even better is the ability to save images to your iPad. They can be watermarked and whatnot, but I found myself looking for a way to set a few photos as my wallpaper. There are some great photos in this app, and allowing users to save them to their iPads would greatly enhance the value of this app.

This is a great read with gobs of information, photos, and movies. Anyone interested in the science behind an atomic bomb, history buffs looking for a good read, and photographers curious how this device was shot should not hesitate to grab this app.

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