Performance Stretching Review
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Performance Stretching Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on August 27th, 2013
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Warming up and down correctly is as important as the exercise itself, Performance Stretching teaches users how to stretch properly.

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Watch any athlete prepare for their chosen sport and it's noticeable that they don't do a huge amount of static stretching. That kind of stretching involving staying still and holding a stretch for a few moments just isn't as effective as dynamic stretching, although it is easier to learn. Performance Stretching takes out the need to remember how to perform certain dynamic stretches, teaching users just how to get fully prepared for a workout session.

It's a simple app to use with the added benefit of uploading exercises and workouts elsewhere for later consultation. Initially, the app asks the user what their fitness level is as well as what equipment they have available. This proves particularly useful given that Performance Stretching offers a program ideal for those with a foam roller at their disposal, as well as plenty of options for those without.

Once set up, Performance Stretching offers a day by day program of stretches that should be performed before undertaking other exercises. Each workout only takes around 4-5 minutes to complete, leaving users ready to throw themselves into more energetic fare. Video guides are offered for each kind of stretch ensuring there's no risk of performing such a stretch incorrectly. It's possible to listen to music while completing them, too, with each track measured for its BPM so that the app plays appropriate music at the right time. It does, however, falter in terms of lowering the volume of the music in order to hear the instructions clearly.

Performance Stretching keeps things varied so while some stretches will be performed regularly, things are mixed up sufficiently that it doesn't turn tedious. A calorie counter at the end of the session also conveniently informs users how many calories they've burnt. It might not be many, but it's a nice reminder of the other advantages of stretching properly.

Excluding music issues, Performance Stretching is a great app for those in need of some stretching guidance. It's extremely important to warm up and down appropriately, to avoid the risk of injury, and this app serves as a great reminder of what needs to be done.

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