Developer: Pageonce, Inc.
Price: 12.99
Version Reviewed: 4.1

iPhone Integration Rating: ★★★★½
User Interface Rating: ★★★★½
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: ★★★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

There are a slew of finance-related apps in the App Store: From budget advisors and loan calculators to expense trackers and currency converters, every aspect of your finances can be monitored and maintained from the comfort of your iDevice.

Moreover, the price fluctuations between like-minded apps are just as diverse as any portfolio I’ve ever seen.

Pageonce Pro is an app which organizes and tracks your hard-earned green and belly-aching bills. It allows users to see their bank account information, credit cards, bills and investments, collectively, all on one screen. It further allows you to control your money, bill-paying, etc. and sends you real-time alerts/reminders regarding any/all of your accounts.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as you can even track your device’s text/data usage, minutes, rewards and even frequent flier miles. All this from within the safety of one secure application, alleviating the need for using (and more importantly, buying) multiple apps to do the very same thing.

Aside from the ability to track and monitor your money/bills from one app, Pageonce also provides its users with dated reminders, account notifications, real-time alerts and detailed bill and account statements. The number of accounts/bills one can monitor with this app is unlimited, making it a pain-free, portfolio powerhouse. Pageonce Pro – Money and Bills’ asking price is steep, but for those willing to shell out the green, it’s worth every penny, unless you’re constantly behind on your bills, in which case you need to stop reading and go answer your landlord’s knock.

Pageonce’s Graphical User Interface is intuitive and very easy to use, providing users with a well-lit road to travel on, in lieu of an otherwise dark, gloomy road avoided by most. The app’s main screen consists of 6 blocks, which collectively show available cash, payments due, investments amount, credit card debt, real-time alerts and a built-in tax center. Tapping any one brings users to a comprehensive list of their (previously entered) account(s).

Adding an account is quick and easy and is done either automatically or manually, with the decision on which mode to choose hinging on the level of detail needed in tracking your account specifics. Once a user has all of his/her accounts entered, they can view, modify or edit each one. Pageonce automatically refreshes all account information upon opening/closing. This app really shines is in its ability to chart/graph the history, etc. of a user’s accounts, providing them with a visual depiction of the account’s history, as well as account usage month-to-month and annually.

Pageonce Pro – Money and Bills is only as robust as it needs to be, which is refreshing in this age of over-achievers and offers much relief for those of us, i.e. ALL of us, who dread the hectic hassle of having to track down what bill was paid when, etc. Overall, Pageonce offers much-needed relief from the hectic-hassle of keeping up with all of your bills.

Whether you have your money spread out like an over-heated mayonaise sandwich at a dead-of-summer family gathering or you just need a well-rounded, quick, attractive and easy-to-use budget-assistance/monitoring program, or even if you’d simply like to see where your money is at (at) all times, Pageonce Pro – Money and Bills, delivers its rent on time.

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