Developer: The Omni Group
Price: $59.99
Version Reviewed: 1.6.5
App Reviewed on: iPad 2

iPad Integration Rating: ★★★★½
User Interface Rating: ★★★½☆
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: ★★★★½

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

The Omni Group is known for their quality Mac programs and awesome iOS apps. OmniPlan 2 is no exception to that. OmniPlan 2 is an app which allows users to map out all of the details of a specific task project or event. Some people prefer a visual representation, and for those users OmniPlan 2 provides them just that; outlining the whole project as a chart rather than mundane text.

photo 1photo 4>OmniPlan 2 is designed with a manager or project lead in mind. The whole purpose of this app is to be able to visually display what various tasks need to be done within a project, how long each task will take, the cost, who is doing what, and many other intricate details of a major job. OmniPlan 2 will allow users to easily manage a set of tasks taking anywhere from a day to several months. As a tool, it cuts down on some of the time spent preparing a plan; time that can be devoted to the job itself.

Many projects nowadays are jotted down on paper, put in someone’s head to remember, or mocked-up on a whiteboard, but none of these methods are terribly conducive to productivity. With OmniPlan 2 however, outlines and plans can be drawn up with ease while also being visually understandable to every member of a team. The app even let’s users send out their plan via .pdf, .doc file, and many other formats so those without the program are still able to view it. Of course, changes can be easily made should the project tasks, timelines, or costs change.

photo 3photo 2A majority of the mechanics of this app involve simple touch mechanisms, such as opening a new task for the job or making criteria where a given task needs to be complete before moving on to another particular item. OmniPlan 2 also let’s users see just how far along said task is by simply touching and dragging. This way the rest of the team can know employee X is 50% of the way done with the data mining portion of this program that the team is building for a client.

Cost is also a very important factor in business projects. With the phrase “time is money” in mind, OmniPlan 2 allows users to designate costs on specific tasks either by the hour or as a flat fee. Therefore making it easy to know where the money is going through a simple visual interface. Hopefully this will allow companies to save time and money as well as make the manager and team look good.

While this app may cost a bit more, OmniPlan 2 is well worth it for the business-minded person – especially one who needs to have all of the details with them at all times. A simple visual interface allows users to easily create every step of a job in order to keep things organized, right down to the who, what, and when. While users will have to take some time in the beginning to learn how this powerful app works via the tutorial, OmniPlan 2 is an essential job planner for any major project.

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