Odd Spotting, developed by Micromicon Media Limit, is an “odd one out” game with 144 levels, the goal of each being to spot the object that is different from all the others in the group. As I began to explore how Odd Spotting works, I couldn’t help but to remember the lyrics from a classic Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.”

The app is described by the developer as a game for kids of all ages and has three settings, Easy, Normal and Hard. The odd one out, such as the only tree with red apples, or the only white envelope that is sealed with a kiss, must be identified before the time runs out in order to clear each level. A bonus level follows where a player can earn an extra 100 points by correctly selecting an icon with points hidden beneath it. Sometimes the points are hidden at random but other bonus levels require memory skills (such as visually following a ball under one of three cups as its position gets mixed up).

With its delightful graphics and upbeat music, Odd Spotting definitely attracted the attention of both of my children, ages 10 and 7. On the “Normal” setting, both kids could complete the first 10 or so levels with no trouble at all in the time allotted. They also enjoyed the bonus levels, as they could earn extra points and this kept them feeling challenged. They told me they also like the fact that some bonus levels involve games of chance, like at a carnival, while others require skill.

Because Odd Spotting is both simple and challenging at the same time, this is a great app to play in the car to pass the time and can easily be passed back and forth between two players. My kids have played with this app several times (as have I!) but eventually lose interest when the levels become too difficult for them. An Angry Birds fan myself, I will retry levels ad infinitum until I am able to clear them, but my kids are not this persistent. My recommendation would be to try the “Easy” setting for kids 6 and younger and the “Normal” setting for ages 7 and up. One improvement to the app would be a hint system that highlights the icon that is different before the time runs out, so that retrying the level would be a choice and not a necessity.

The bottom line: I give Odd Spotting high marks for taking an easy concept and turning it into something interesting and innovative. I also like that the app tests kids’ visual memory and discrimination skills as they play, making it more of a mental exercise than a mindless activity. My team gives it 1.75 thumbs up!

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