Developer: jProductivity
Price: $4.99
Version Reviewed: 2.0.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

iPhone Integration Rating: ★★★★☆
User Interface Rating: ★★★½☆
Re-use Value Rating: ★★★★☆

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

Often, regular iOS users will find themselves wanting to easily transfer files and content from their desktop PC or Mac to their iOS device. Solutions such as Dropbox are great but sometimes, it’d be even easier to have a quicker solution than that. myPhoneDesktop is one such possibility, making it possible to move across text, URLs and files in, seemingly, the blink of an eye. It’s not perfect, but it certainly does the job.

myphonedesktop5Set up is extremely simple. Users create an account through the app then choose to either download a desktop client to their PC or use the web-based interface. Then, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping content. The iOS app might not look the most attractive of tools, but it’s impressive how seamless the process of transferring content is.

Once the content has been sent over, the app immediately displays it, along with a series of contextual options. An URL or piece of text brings with it the ability to open with a specific app, search via google, open with Instapaper or even add to a contact. A specific file can be opened with an app that’s relevant to its needs, such as a photo being openable in any photo-editing apps already installed.

Rather impressively, myPhoneDesktop also deals with phone numbers in a very useful way. Send a number over to the app, and it’s possible to directly call, FaceTime or SMS it, as well as choose to save it to a contact. Potentially, myPhoneDesktop is quite the time saver thanks to such functionality.

There might be other apps out there akin to myPhoneDesktop such as Dropbox and Evernote, but I’m struggling to think of one that offers all the features that it does. While I’d have appreciated the ability to transfer a number of files at once, rather than being restricted to just one, the sheer speed and simplicity involved is quite the temptation. At $4.99, myPhoneDesktop is a useful arrow to add to one’s productivity quiver.

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