My Monster Mayhem Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on October 30th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

My Monster Mayhem is a new universal storybook just in time for Halloween about a girl dealing with the monsters living in her house, causing friction between this girl and her mom.

Left open for interpretation by readers regarding whether or not monsters are real or if these creatures are make-believe, children will be able to relate to this colorful story.

I enjoy these monsters - sometimes wonderfully grotesque, yet still remaining child-appropriate. I especially like the Lumpa-Loofis, a creature reminiscent to me of Jabba the Hut or even ButterBall from Hellraiser, as the Lumpa-Loofis is a monster “who loves to expose what is under his clothes” and enjoys showing off his amorphous belly that wobbles with a tap.

Other another creature is found in the bathtub, specifically a tentacle-laden sink monster demands table scraps, irking the girl's mom as food is left for this monster.

Although I appreciate these colorfully odd characters, as they do contain a Seussian-type appeal, to me the rhymes at times seem a little labored in places for my own personal taste - an issue that is a minor note compared to the unique and colorful monsters found within this story.

Mild yet effective interactive hotspots are included, as is a monster doll that is hidden across these pages and needs to be found each time to unlock some surprisingly difficult and complex jigsaw puzzles based on the monster illustrations found within.

I do appreciate the code that shows what pages this monster-doll can be found on, but it would be nice if one could go to a specific screen with a tap, instead of having to turn the pages of this book.

It is nice, however, how these pages need to be tapped twice to forwarded, cutting down on the accidental page turning that can sometimes happen when little fingers go exploring.

Choices of narration include a woman or a girl as well as reading this app by oneself, and if listening to this story, the words are highlighted when read. It would also be nice to have a choice of an America reader as well to round out the narration choices available at this time - a feature in other apps that I appreciate.

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