My Amazing Helpful Robots Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on June 13th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

My Amazing Helpful Robots is a charming interactive storybook for toddlers and preschool-aged children which focuses on a young boy’s fantasy of building robots to help his family out with their daily chores so he can spend more fun time together.

An assortment of robots is covered, such as a machine to fix the family car, pick up after the home, or do the cooking, each with its own unique interaction which nicely imagines these tasks accomplished by a robot through the mind of a child.

This app is very bright, colorful and nicely stylized, as well as including some rather engaging, if not stimulating interactions on each page. I often recommend apps which I find relaxing and calming, and although these are not words that I would use to describe this simple story, this is an application that I have really enjoyed as the high action interactions, kinetic energy and loud effects really work within this tale to provide simulation some children may really enjoy - especially children reluctant to spend their app time with a storybook instead of a game.

Although I am not always a fan of the use of a sensitive physics engine allowing objects to bounce around the page, I enjoy how the robot parts crash together as the boy is trying to build, creating a dynamic effect that I really enjoy as I do this aspect within other pages of this application.

I also enjoy how varied the interactions are within each page, from the included puzzle found within the car building section to the fun cooking page where a robot mans the family’s grill to cook hotdogs and popcorn, or the musical elements uncovered as a robot helps out by cutting the family's grass.

I especially love the tender motivation here as this boy would love to spend more time with his family playing in the park, fishing or painting together. This app also ends on a lovely that until robots can do all the household work, this boy must help help out around the house himself.

Although this app would not be my first choice for a story before bed, during quiet time or in public out and about, the zaniness and whimsy included among these pages will be great fun for children who enjoy stories with a lot of action and sound effects. Adults will appreciate the sentiment of the fun storybook as well as the highlighted text that children can follow as this book is read by included narration.

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