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Our Review by Chris Hall on August 31st, 2009
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If you need a solid app to make you seem like a movie trivia buff, pick up MovieDNA... just don't let people see the awful pink color scheme.

Developer: 8Projects
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Version Reviewed: 1.0.1

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I'm a pretty big fan of movies, but I am plagued with a horrendous memory. Some would say that my bad memory comes from a lack of mental stimulation, but I sort of doubt that. I'm so convinced that my poor memory comes from my inordinate computer use. I mean seriously, why should I remember anything in the world when Wikipedia can remember it for me? I realize now that this is a bad thing... you know, I might need to remember something someday, but I have an iPhone, and as an iPhone user, I'm allowed to have a crutch. In the name of coolness of course.

So back to my love of movies... I mean, that's what this is all about really. I often find myself in situations where I start talking about movies, only realizing that I don't remember a single actor, actress, plot point, or any idea really of what is going on. It usually takes people prodding me a bit... "remember that one with Stallone? The one with John Lithgow? Directed by the guy that did Die Hard 2? The one where he was hanging off mountains?" "Oh, Cliffhanger, yeah, that was a good one." Now thankfully in this great modern age of smart phones, I can just whip out my iDevice and look up anything. There are plenty of apps that do this very thing, but this one seems to encompass everything... and I mean everything.

MovieDNA is basically just a web app that compiles data from Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Yahoo!, and YouTube into one ultimate Frankenstein app. Type in the name of a movie, actor, or director and you'll get a bevy of information that will just about blow your mind. To test the app out, I went ahead and typed in Office Space, because it just happens to be a movie I've seen a couple of (way too many) times. The information provided is very nicely laid out on the screen, giving me every little tidbit that I could every possibly need. It even gave me some great YouTube videos that I would never have seen otherwise.

One of the great videos found on the app.

I did run into the problem where the Rotten Tomatoes reviews didn't pop in, but the problem is almost fixed/being fixed, so I'll let them off the hook for that. My other complaint with the app has to be the color scheme, which is truly dreadful. The app, including the apps icon, encompass just about every shade of pink and purple possible. Truly awful.

Other than that though, the information provided by the app is really great. There are two versions of the app that you can get, a free and a paid version, but both offer the same great information, but the free one has advertisements built in to subsidize the cost. I'd definitely recommend the app, particularly the free version, to any and all movie fans. Just make sure that your macho movie appreciating friends don't see your pink screen... that would be a disaster.

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