Montessori Crossword is an app that brings the Montessori methods of learning reading and spelling to both the iPad and iPhone / iPod Touch. This app includes three crossword sections that get progressively more difficult, as well as a “Movable Alphabet,” giving children a less-structured section in which they are free to move letters around the screen.

Be it a single word at first, or three words interconnecting to create a traditional crossword, each word in this section is illustrated by a picture and empty letter boxes. Drag the correct letters from the alphabet below into these boxes to spell the words. I appreciate that if help is needed, a hint to the right of the screen can be tapped, showing the word in question, and the spelling can be copied.

When these puzzles are finished, you are rewarded with the chance to interact with beautifully done animations that will follow your fingers as you draw – a very relaxing experience.

I had fun with this app, and I think it is a good teaching tool to aid children in spelling and reading. This app does not, however, include letter or word sounds, being designed for children already familiar with at least some of the phonic sounds. This being said, still would like to be able to hear a letter’s phonic or word name if either the letter or picture were tapped. I know my son would enjoy being able to hear these sounds, and I think it would add both entertainment and educational value, at least for him. For now, this app is something we enjoy doing together, but he has not yet played with this on his own. With added sounds, this may be different.

All in all, a nice, educational app that would be a hit especially with families familiar with  Montessori methods of learning.

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