Monster Chorus Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on May 20th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Monster Chorus is a super-cute musical app which my son really enjoys. With a simple interface, kids will delight in tapping eight varied monsters who each sing a different note. Recently, this app has had a significant update adding a recording feature as well as the addition of four popular kids' songs that children can easily play following highlighted cues.

This app is nicely space-themed as these monsters are displayed along side of each other, standing on a sphere much like the moon with satellites and shooting stars also seen in the sky. The look of this application is very pleasing, as are the sounds these monsters make. I really enjoy the world created here and I like how each friendly and adorable creature is different, as are each of their sounds. Now babies, toddlers and beyond can look for the hidden monsters in this app, a cute addition. I appreciate that you can play various monsters together to make even more harmonious noises, but I do wish I could drag a finger across them like a piano.

After tapping around this app the first time, my son was beaming and clapped for me as if I were an accomplished musician. Later I asked him if he liked this app, and he said “Yeah, thanks for getting it for me.” I am impressed by how this app holds my boy’s attention much longer than expected. Now he calls it his "monsters singing app," sometimes asking for it right before bed, and I do my best to make the monsters sing peacefully.

Four classic songs, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Three Bind Mice, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are now included where a spotlight shows which monster to tap in order to play these songs, possibly aiding in the basic understanding of piano-playing concepts. I wish I had more of a music background to explain how tapping the lit monsters translated to music theory, but unfortunately I don’t know how to explain this to my son. Still, it is a lot of fun to play these songs this way, and my son was quick to pick up how to play these songs using the highlighting cues.

It is also nice that a record feature is included, allowing the player to record their voice and then tap a monster to hear this recording, as each monsters play back is slightly different. This feature is fun, but I wish the record time was longer and it was more obvious when the recording has started. It would also be nice in the future if a record option was also available for when music in made with these monsters as well.

My son really enjoys this app, and I think this would be a very nice first app for babies or toddlers, also fun for the entire family.

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