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Our Review by Chris Hall on August 27th, 2009
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"Hey, let's meet up and grab some food." "Where at?" "Delux?" "Not again! Let's let MeetMe decide... I'll have directions sent to you in no time." Yes friends, apps are completely taking over our decision making processes.

Developer: Basara
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Version Reviewed: 1.0.1

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Overall Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

The things that makes the iPhone so great rarely have anything to do with calling people or listening to music. I can review iPhone games all day, but they really don't make the iPhone amazing either. If need be, I could whip out a DS and play away (don't get me wrong, I still love iPhone games). The things that make the iPhone amazing are the things that change the way you go about your life. Since my life revolves around food, (how am I not fat?) apps like Urban Spoon and Yelp have been life changing. Remember those arguments you used to have in the car... the ones arguing about where to eat? The worst though is when you have to meet someone somewhere and don't know where to go. I always try to meet people halfway, but we always end up going to the same place, again and again.

Fear not... there's an app for that too! MeetMe takes this common problem, where to meet halfway, and laughs in its face. What it does is let you pick a 'Point A' and a 'Point B", and then gives you a Yelp powered list of things to do in between. Typically, on a normal search, you would click on "Current Location" for point A, and then go into your contacts for point B so you have the true locations of each person. Then you pick what type of place you would like to go, from art galleries to chiropractors to bakeries. Once you choose, MeetMe gives you a list of locations with the basic star ratings and how close the place is to point A and point B. The great part is that you have a slider on the bottom which lets you select a place closer to A or B, depending on who you want to be closer to.

The best part of the app, in my opinion, is what happens after you hit the 'Meet Me Here' button. Let's say, and this is hypothetical, that I was trying to meet my mom somewhere while she is visiting Phoenix, my current place of residence. I could tell her all day to take the 51 to the 202 and then get off at Scottsdale, or, with MeetMe, I could just hit 'Meet Me Here' which gives me a menu to e-mail directions from point A, point B, or both. The e-mail that is auto-created for you tells you the business location and a link to google maps that shows the directions from your address to the business address. At this point, if she can't follow Google Maps instructions, she shouldn't be able to renew her license.

For the most part, the app works extremely well in deciding what to do and where to go... saving me approximately 5.3 minutes (what?) of my life deciding on where to eat. The app is extremely intuitive, letting you make a relatively easy decision as to where you are going to go. The only issue now would be deciding on which place to go on the list of places between the two points. I still think that adding a simple coin flip option to one of these programs would be a stroke of genius, but alas, I may be the only one who thinks that. For $0.99, I would say that this app is a must have, especially when mom is in town. Get it!

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