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MechCom Review

Our Review by Campbell Bird on July 2nd, 2013
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Mix and match robot parts in this real-time strategy for ultimate territory control.

Developer: Game Dev Team
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Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad

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MechCom is a straightforward real-time strategy game in which players build their armies out of assorted robot components. I say straightforward because everything players would expect from an RTS is present here, and little else. Resource management, base building, army caps, territory control mechanics, and mini-maps are the name of the game in MechCom, all of which are well executed. Despite not having multiplayer (yet), MechCom is worth checking out.

The object of MechCom is to defeat all opposing forces by building an army and destroying all base structures. Players only start with a base structure and a mineral-mining robot that will continuously add to a player's bankroll. It is up to the player to then decide how they spend these resources in order to win. Additional buildings available to build on a limited number of designated spaces are more base structures that can generate even more revenue, and factories that are capable of building robot components like treads and weapons. Only after building at least two of these factories (one for treads and one for weapons) can the production of robots--and the battling--begin.

To make things a bit more complicated, MechCom has a set of territory control mechanics that incentivize players to begin exploring the map early rather than holing up in their base and amassing a huge army. Around each map are a set of control points that can be captured by military units. Once captured, players can build robots in that territory. Some of these control points also have building stations and additional minerals that players can then use to get more money and build more part factories.

Although this territory mechanic helps make MechCom a more action-packed experience, I also found that it made the tactic of "rushing" (building lots of weak, fast units) pretty much the only viable strategy. Taking control of additional building points early can shift the balance of a match dramatically very early on, and the mass production of weak units at the beginning of the game consequently pushes players to only build the two cheapest factories to produce the cheapest robot possible.

The real problem with this apparent imbalance is that there are additional robots to build that I just didn't. Perhaps it is the lack of multiplayer that made "rushing" so easy, viable, and successful, but only time will tell. New things are being added to MechCom in the future, like a defense turret and a way to play multiplayer, and maybe then MechCom will become a deeper strategy experience. Until then, I still found some challenge in "out-rushing" the AI, so it is still a fun time if players are looking for a competent RTS on their tablet or phone.

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