Math Easy HD is an iPad app which teaches math concepts both for beginner and beyond in this interactive application. It is nice that there are ten different exercises to choose from that range from teaching basic counting and number sequencing to beginner multiplications and double digit subtraction as well as counting by twos and the concepts of odd and even. This app can also be personalized with the picture, name, and age of the child – something children may enjoy.

This app has a lot to offer children as it contains ten interactive activities that are fun to explore, as well as many other objects that one can tap in order to see and hear the names of these objects as they are narrated, a nice touch. I also appreciate the basic look and color scheme of this app, with an appealing pallet of soft blues, greens, and purples as well as other colors. I also like that this app takes the player from the beach to a train theme as well as many other different locations and many animals are included to further the learning experience and to bring a bit of whimsy to this application.

I enjoy many of these sections. I like that when one plays a “connect the dots” themed game, only the numbers in sequence need to be tapped instead of dragging a finger to physically connect the dots, something that would still be hard for my son to do. I also really like an additional activity involving elephants where parents can change the colors of these animals back and forth between blue and brown to keep the game engaging and problems new. It is also nice that children scroll through number choices, tapping and dragging the correct numbers into their corresponding boxes.

I do think, however, that asking kids to count letters in a specific word in one section is more confusing than it needs to be. I as an adult missed a few of these questions when the words got very long and it seems a bit overwhelming, counting letters in a 10 letter word vs. 10 objects like balls or other things that kids are familiar with. Even if this game is not my favorite, there is a lot here to enjoy and learn from. Gold stars are included as rewards and this app praises right answers, which is nice, but I do wish the app would not use the phrase “you are so smart” which is sometimes used, but instead “you work really hard,” as praising a child for being smart has a way of backfiring and causing unforeseen issues. Other than these issues, this is a nice math app kids will enjoy.

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