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Our Review by Christine Morris on May 5th, 2009
Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: INTERESTING
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You will need to build catapults, vehicles and other interesting devices in order to succeed in this game. If you are after a mental workout, in an interesting and creative way (like contraption fantastic) then this is your game.

Developer: Publisher X
Price: $4.99
Version Reviewed: 1.5

Graphics / Sound [rating:5/5]
Game Controls [rating:4/5]
Gameplay [rating:4/5]

Re-use / Replay Value [rating:4/5]

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

I was told about this game through a twitter mate who said they had been playing all weekend! (thanks SnowShadow) Of course me being me, I had to have a piece of it. I found at first look, that this game has really great graphics which are visually so rich, it makes the game interface outstanding.

You have 44 levels in which to create your contraptions in order to complete the level. However, even once these 44 levels are completed, you could go back and do them differently. There is no right or wrong puzzle solution, and as long as you manage to get to the end then that's all that matters. Throughout the game there are tutorials to guide you. These are optional so if you find them annoying rather than helpful there is an option to just skip all. I personally found them both helpful and a necessity! They are really well done so they guide you rather than just do it all for you.

Within the game play there are also other obstacles such as conveyor belts and fans that will get in your way. This all provides a really interesting dilemma rather than just 'oh make a contraption'. Once you have created what you think will work, you hit the play icon in the lower left hand corner and watch to see if you are successful. When you do achieve the level you are rewarded with a nice message, some fireworks and some cute sounds. That is all essential for me in an app, I want to be given these little rewards.

An interesting addition to this game is the ability to email your gizmo creations to friends and family. This could be a great way to help complete a level or to see how someone else was able to find a solution. There is also a hint system in the game so if you really do become stuck you can ask for a hint. You can also choose if you want just a little generic hint, or if you need something totally more hard hitting.

The game makes use of the integrated iPhone features. It uses pinch and zoom so you can see the entire playing area, or get up close with the contraptions. I also loved how the level selection works, with it just swiping to the side and then clicking slightly into place. This makes for quick and easy selection.

There is some load time with this game and you have to get through two screens before you get to the game. I'm a bit impatient to get to my game so I wish that was a but faster. Additionally I have read some reviews from the app store where folks have commented that it has crashed for them. This did not happen to me at all and I played for a pretty long time non stop getting through several levels. This might refer to an earlier release.

At the sale price I would recommend this game, but at the tag of $4.99 I would think carefully. Maybe I'm just tight but it's 44 levels and then even with replaying the levels it's basically over. With a game like Flight Control being at the lower end of the price scale and which really has infinite and different possibilities. (and of course hundreds of hours game time) You may want to consider that.

Overall this game has stunning graphics I have to admit, and it is really engaging to think of new and interesting ways to create your contraption, but the original price is too high. It's a tough call because you really can see the work and thought that has gone into this game from the developers, but with so many games going free or $0.99 its a really competitive market.

I would say it is highly recommended at the sale price and you should nab it while it's on sale if you are into puzzle games with a slick interface. Plus don't forget, you can try the free version first and see how you like it!

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