When I first started the App up, the first thing I noticed was the super realistic blue marble on screen. The Day/Night, Light/Dark sides of the Earth are both brilliant, especially considering the cloud cover is accurate meteorologically and updates often with the changes in real life. I’m also looking forward to the little globe updating with the seasons, and seeing if I’ll be able to see our snow cover up here in Canada (if we get any this year!).

You can set up multiple time zones and flip through, and as you do the earth spins and focuses on the spot where it’s providing you the information for (with a faint white glow), you can also set the earth to rotate on its own, which is one of my favorite things to do. I set the ‘Leave Screen On’ while it’s on the dock on my desk and simply have it slowly rotating around and around, from day to night, while still providing me with the weather and forecast info, it’s a pretty and functional desk accessory.

While at this price, this App definitely fits the bill, I do hope that they stick to their word (in the App Description on iTunes) and add an alarm clock in a future update. If they can manage to add a few more functional features, they might be able to boost the price up, however, if they added an alarm and kept it at this price, they would have one of the best and most visually stunning alarm clock Apps available.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can do so on either the iPhone or iPad as this is a universal App.

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