Letter Peek is an educational tool that associates alphabetical letters with corresponding words that begin with each respective letter (For example, Aa = Apple). The letter is spoken by a narrator (in a male or female voice) then a virtual page is flipped up to reveal a fleeting look at a photographic image and the corresponding word. The page then retracts and you once again see the letter. What my son finds particularly fascinating about this app is the “peek-a-boo” quality of this game. The back and forth between the letter and image help with word association and vocabulary and the nature of this tool is to facilitate both visual and auditory learning of the ABCs. This app is done very well and it gets two thumbs up but I wish there was more offered. This tool is limited to 26 “peeks” – one flashcard for each letter of the alphabet. It would be nice to have several sets from which to choose.

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