This simple but effective app for teaching your child to tell time is a gem. The first mode, “Tell Time”, features an analog clock with a jungle animal face in the center, and asks the child to tell the time by converting to digital. If the child answers wrong, the animal’s eyes droop and it emits a sad, whimpering animal sound; if the child answers correctly, the animal’s eyes widen and it emits a joyous bray. A shake of the iPhone will generate the next problem.

Five levels of increasing difficulty are available, setting time problems in intervals of one hour, thirty minutes, fifteen minutes, five minutes, and one minute. A second “Set Time” mode challenges the child to set the time on the analog clock to a given digital time.

Settings include the ability to change animals; lion, tiger, elephant, hippo, and panda are among the available options. A “Learn” mode includes an interactive tutorial on time-telling. Pre-readers will need parental help with this function. “Score” mode keeps track of the child’s score, and also includes other setting preferences for level of difficulty and sound.

The app was tested on ages five and up; my four-year old is still learning to tell time and found it challenging but fun. Highly recommended.

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