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iNo Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on January 17th, 2011
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iNo helps you to say no diplomatically, in theory

Developer: Mammalfish
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Version Reviewed: 1.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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Saying no isn't always as easy as it should be. It's such a tiny little word yet it's also so fundamentally important. It's really easy to upset or disappoint people with those two little letters. So how do you say no while sounding more diplomatic about it? Enter iNo which aims to help you say no, seriously.

Admittedly iNo is much more entertaining than it is practically useful. While some of the suggestions are quite practical, they still sound a little robotic at times plus there's the guilty feeling in the back of your head that instead of using your imagination, you've relied upon an app. The humorous suggestions are brilliant though and in some cases, truly inspired.

While you can choose specific scenarios, the fun lies in the random button and can easily entertain you for a while. Some of them could clearly be delivered in a perfectly deadpan manner such as when dealing with a request to cheat on your spouse, why not say 'Sure. Can I bring my husband?'. A perfect putdown indeed. And of course when being asked to be a bridesmaid: 'Please give the privilege to someone who doesn't have 27 bridesmaids dresses in her closet already!'. Witty once more.

Besides the suggestions, each entry also comes with a useful tip to help you get more organised. These range in usefulness admittedly but some of them are certainly worth implementing in your day to day life.

iNo is a bit of a novelty app really but it is endearing. There's also the ability to submit your own iNo idea which is far too tempting when you're feeling in a particularly cynical mood!

It would have been nice if you could have cut and pasted the responses into an SMS or email but other than that, iNo is quite an entertaining app even if it isn't quite as productive as it wants to be.

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