Developer: iZotope
Price: $4.99 per edition
Version Reviewed: 1.0

iDrum is an interesting take on using the iPhone for music creation. Part fun tool and part drum beat composer, this application is lots of fun for anyone who likes to think they have a little bit of hidden musical ability. Very little ability in my case.

iDrum has been released, initially in two editions. Hip Hop Edition (App Store) and Club Edition (App Store) they each offer unique sound samples and an identical interface.

The application is navigated from the top down from the top list of sample kits, then from there to the song view, from there you can navigate to a single pattern (also known as island), from there you will see the individual parts. This sounds very difficult but it is fairly easy and quick to navigate once you have gone through the process a couple of times.

Here’s a demo video that shows you all of the various screens in the application and how they form together to make a song.

Overall the sound quality is excellent and the program itself it fun and easy to use. While this may not be the application to use if you are a music composer, I find myself playing with it for long stretches of time like I’m some mad drummer. Give this on a shot, I think you’ll like it.

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