iBaby Buttons Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on June 23rd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

iBaby Buttons is a colorful and fun universal app that will be a huge hit with babies as well as older children. Tap to create a colorful button; tap again and the button flips over to reveal the other side which consists of one of many different photos young children will be familiar with, be it “bird” or “teddy bear.” Friendly narration or sound effects are used to further bring these lovely photos to life, as well as teach about these basic objects. Tap again to pop these buttons. A two-fingered swipe will change the background photo used. I appreciate how vivid these photos used are, including flower choices, tactile images such as wood grain, or a close-up image of a cactus, as well as the use of beans or pasta - images that kids will enjoy. It is fun that kids can fill the screen with buttons either to then pop all at once or to finish each button one by one - the choice is theirs. It is also nice that a variety of narraters are used, both adults as well as children.

Babies, toddlers, and older kids love to pop bubbles, and for this reason I think this will be a huge hit with young family members. I like the fact that this game play does not need to last a long time, something that can be important. We always use apps in places like doctors' waiting rooms or waiting to be served in a restaurant. Many times with a longer story or a complex game, my son feels compelled to complete them. I am then left with a kid playing with my phone long after it is ideal as now I would rather be focused at the task at hand. I don’t see this as being so much of an issue with this app, a plus in my book for specific circumstances.

In a future update, one will be able to customize these buttons with personal photos and sound effects. I think this will be a great addition, and I think it will be as fun to create these personal buttons as much as it will be fun to pop them. This is a simple and sweet application which is surely a nice conversation starter between the young player and an older
child or adult who may be enjoying the fun. With lots to touch, talk about, and see, I am sure this app will be a family favorite, especially for the youngest app users.

iPhone Screenshots

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Photo Buttons screenshot 1 Photo Buttons screenshot 2 Photo Buttons screenshot 3 Photo Buttons screenshot 4 Photo Buttons screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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