Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me Review
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Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me Review

Our Review by Chris Hall on October 18th, 2010
Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: OVERDONE
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Cook With Me is an overdone, over-edited cooking app that is dying to be yelled at by Ramsay himself.

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Version Reviewed: 1.0

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There's nothing more frightening than watching Gordon Ramsay belittle an entire staff of wannabe chefs. He's a scary man, but he's a fine chef, or so I've been told. To be honest, I can't remember the last time that I saw Ramsay cook a dish. Between yelling at potential chefs on Hell's Kitchen to breaking down entire restaurant staff on Kitchen Nightmares, I've just taken it for granted that the guy can cook.

Gordon Ramsay's Cook With Me is a collection of 56 "classic" recipes, complete with ingredient lists, wine pairings, and instructional videos. The app is set up with an overabundance of categories, organizing the food into groups of food types, ingredients, and cook times, but has none of the basic categories like "main courses" and "desserts." The app also gives you an ingredient list, a quick option to send out dinner invitations, and the obligatory information about Ramsay's many books and restaurants.

The meat of the app, the reason that it takes up a whopping 400+ MB, is the video content. Instead of yelling at you and screaming expletives when you screw up, Ramsay calmly, but quickly, shows you how to make each meal. Unlike the wonderful Master Chef Academy app, though (another app with Ramsay), the videos are lightning fast and way over-edited. For example, the video for "Gordon's Hot Bananas" lasts only 29 seconds and has to have close to 200 edits. It does do a fine job explaining itself, but I'd prefer to see each step all the way through.

As far as cooking apps go, I would definitely go with the Ramsay-produced Master Chef app over Cook With Me. The recipes in Ramsay's own app all look good and I'm sure taste even better, but the organization and the manic video editing leave a bit to be desired. As Ramsay would probably say, it's ****ing trying too hard, and ultimately failing at the end. The app could also really use a 17+ mode, just to experience what cooking with Ramsay would really be like, f-bombs and all

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