Gettysburg Battle App Review
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Gettysburg Battle App Review

Our Review by Monica Stevens on August 2nd, 2011
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A free virtual exploration akin to a day spent in a museum wing of American Art.

Developer: NeoTreks, Inc
Price: Free
Version Reviewed: 1.1.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone

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On family vacations, my parents torture my sister and I with “educational experiences.” It’s not that I don’t believe in educational experiences, it’s just that when we travel with my parents, it’s more of an oxymoronic “educational vacation.” We usually hop off the plane and into a rental car to immerse ourselves in the local culture without making a pit stop, changing clothes, or taking a slight nap.

When I was a teenager, my family travelled to Gettysburg. I admit I was somewhat unappreciative of the Mike Brady-style history lesson my father gave as we toured the historic battlefield. Gettysburg is far more interesting to me now than when I was 15, which is a good thing.

Gettysburg Battle App, developed by NeoTreks Inc., offers comprehensive historical information about Gettysburg, the battle and the location. The app focuses on Devil’s Den and Little Round Top, but NeoTreks Inc. notes that there are possible plans for expansion of content.

Gettysburg Battle App is gorgeously designed with graphics reflective of the Civil War, historical photos included. There are a number of educational videos, shot on location, that are informative and concise. The interface is seamless and allows the user to learn interesting facts and statistics about soldiers killed, wounded, and missing in battle.

The rustic and painterly beauty of the app is attractive to those who hold interest in Civil War history. A GPS tracking feature accompanies built-in maps, so that when a tourist visits the site, he or she can enjoy a personal guided tour. The app also features challenges. For example, one challenge invites the user to recreate sitting where sketch artist Alfred Waud sat. A black and white photo of the sketch artist ensures success, and the app offers directions and pointers on how to capture and recreate the scene.

I come from the South, where Civil War battle reenactments are simply part of the culture. Men and women endure extreme and often self-torturous measures to reenact battles. Sleeping in their “uniforms” and starving themselves to the point of bloat to authenticate their experiences are only a few of the bizarre traditions. Don’t believe me? Well, then ask Confederates in the Attic author, Tony Horwitz.

Gettysburg Battle App does not suggest extremity in any form, but it does provide solid, factual information that is well designed and easy to use for tourists and others curious and interested in Gettysburg. It’s possible for me to spend hours exploring Gettysburg Battle App and to find pleasing and accurate information that I refused to grasp on my initial visit to this still hallowed ground.

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