Game Time Limit for Parents is a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch that limits the length of time these iDevices can be used, enforcing rules and limitations set by parents in terms of screen time.

Brilliant in its simplicity, this app is easy to use, much like setting an alarm on one’s iPhone. When the timer runs out, your child is interrupted by a message telling him that time is up. A password is needed to restore function to the child’s device.

I think this is a great idea that many families will find useful, especially those with older children. I like that you can set an alarm to deal with your children chanting “just five more minutes,” but you can also set it for three hours if you choose, so they have their devices after dinner but will be locked out at bedtime, or maybe during school hours.

This app would be especially useful when siblings share an iPod Touch or iPhone, as a fail-proof way to ensure that each kid gets the same length of screen time.

For right now, I have had no problems simply telling my 2.5 year old that I need my phone back when I want him to be finished. My son is surprisingly gracious about this, but if this changes, I will start using this application.

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