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Everywhere Exercise Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on January 23rd, 2011
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Everywhere Exercise teaches you many useful exercise techniques that can be conducted anywhere.

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Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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The start of a new year means two things. 1) You want to start afresh with new plans to accompany the new year, start as you mean to go on right? 2) You probably ate way too much over the Christmas break and now you're starting to feel a bit guilty. How do you solve this though? Sure you can go to the gym, take part in exercise classes, go running. But life is frequently busy, you can't always go to these things as often as you'd like. Everywhere Exercise intends to help you through this by providing you with a series of exercises you can do anywhere. Do bear in mind that it's very much aimed at women, although I see no reason why men can't partake too.

It's difficult to really pinpoint just how much it helps in the long term; ideally you'll need a few months of regular exercise and healthy eating to really see any difference. It's clear that Everywhere Exercise doesn't intend to solve everything - you need to do other healthy, fitness related things alongside it. However, for the humble and overworked office worker in particular, this could really help both mentally and physically. The app comprises of over 30 different exercises all aimed at helping specific parts of your body such as your upper legs, hips, upper body or core (your middle basically). Each of these exercises are simple to do, well explained via voiceover and imagery, require no additional equipment and only take a few minutes to complete. Some of them you can even do without anyone seeing, frequently exercises that can be done while sitting. These are neatly marked as 'stealth' exercises.

They're an interesting range of exercises with frequently humorous names to describe them such as first lady arms and the handbag curl. Some are exercises that wouldn't even occur to you as exercise such as smiling (it releases endorphins and makes you feel more positive) and Ms Fidget - fidgeting with your feet basically.

You can look up all the exercises either via what limb you want to concentrate on or what you want to improve such as your flexibility, strength or general energy. There's also a routine section if you want to follow a set pattern of exercises.

Everywhere Exercise holds a lot of promise. I'm a firm believer that feeling better about yourself is as important mentally as it is physically and this app will certainly encourage that. As well as that, any exercise even very low impact stuff has to be good for you. Give it a shot, for those of you too busy to get as much exercise as you'd like, this could really help you feel like you're getting somewhere.

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