Our Everyday Lunch Review
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Our Everyday Lunch Review

Our Review by Dan Lee on January 9th, 2012
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More than just a recipe app.

Developer: IMGNATION Studios
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Version Reviewed: 1.0.51
Device Reviewed On: iPod Touch

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Like it or not, cooking is one of the handiest things to learn, yet also rather daunting to begin with. A lot of the time the problem isn't with the actual cooking itself, rather the preparation, timing and deciding what to eat. Our Everyday Lunch is a lifestyle app with plans to simplify everything.

The app's user interface is nice and clean, and broken down into four weeks (plus one "special week"), with five days in each. Every day contains a new meal, with fairly detailed instructions on how to prepare the specified dish. While a lot of the dishes sound fancy, they are actually fairly simple to do and generally take no more than two paragraphs to explain. The only issue here is that some of the ingredients might not be readily available (Angel Shark steaks comes to mind). Of course, I live in merry old England, and things may differ depending on the user's location.

Each recipe comes with its own ingredients list, and with a quick icon press the user can upload all items to a shopping list. From there it is simply a matter of the user selecting what they want, before emailing the list across to their phone, which can then be taken shopping. It's all very slick. Recipes also have a 'favourite' icon next to them, which can be pressed if the user would like to quickly locate it again.

To help aid the cooking process even further is an in-app timer function. This can be set to anywhere between one minute and 23 hours and 59 minutes, and when it has reached the set time a continuous beeping starts to alert the user.

Our Everyday Lunch is a great app for those who want to take up cooking, or indeed broaden their palette. So far the recipes on offer are nice and varied, and coupled with a handy shopping list feature and user-friendly interface, it's well worth the $0.99 asking price.


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