Elly Book 7 Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on February 18th, 2011
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Elly Book 7 is yet another lovely storybook about my son’s favorite reindeer, Elly. The “Elly” series of story books is written without any narration and is designed to be read out loud to children, thereby also making excellent beginner reader books as well. In this book, lovely musical as well as other sounds have been added and it is nice that the areas to be tapped are marked clearly and are very easy to find?. Having these interactions not be hidden keeps this app very baby-friendly in terms of finding where to touch, especially for the youngest viewers new to interactive applications.

One of the aspects I have always loved about this series is how warmly Elly and her friends treat each other. This book is no exception, as Elly and her friends find musical instruments and decide to play a song for their friend Owl who loves music, but in this story Elly makes a faux pas by waking up her nocturnal friend during the day and feels embarrassed doing so. As my son enters the world more and gets ready for pre-school to start, I am sure he will make a few mistakes of his own and this story gave us a chance to talk about how Elly felt embarrassed and why. I also appreciate how, although all the individual musical sounds sound very good here, the first time the gang plays together they don’t sound quite right until they get some help from Owl who has experience being a conductor. This adds another educational element about playing music, but also the social aspect that the gang needed instruction and help to be able to sound the way they want. It is especially cute that the song they learned to play is “The Reindeer Song,” which is also the theme used among this series of books, the earlier books being updated to include this theme as well.

My son and I hope to see more from Elly and friends in the future. These books are welcome breaks from the highly interactive apps that he also loves. I not only recommend this book, but the whole series as well.

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