Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is a cute and fun universal interactive application based on the new PBS kids’ show of the same name, based on the classic television show, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

This app focuses on Daniel Tiger, son of the original character, Daniel Striped Tiger, from The Land of Make-Believe segment from Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood.

I honestly was more of a Sesame Street or The Electric Company kid than a Mister Rogers’s child, but my husband has warm memories of Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood, specifically The Land of Make-Believe, even remembering when Daniel Striped Tiger became a new character and would like to check out this new show when he has a chance.

I am sure that other adults our age will be equally interested in this series and application.

Although we have not had a chance to see an episode as of yet, I can say that this app will delight toddlers as they get to explore Daniel’s house in this brightly colored and engaging application.

Four sections are included, including the chance to play pretend doctor with Daniel. Choose from a variety of doctor’s tools, such as otoscope, tongue depressor or stethoscope. Tap to hear these tools’ names and described by Daniel, who interacts accordingly, such as opening his mouth or breathing heavily when examined, including wincing if children give Daniel a shot but also noting that it stings but then goes away. A sticker is also included to give to Daniel after his visit – a nice touch.

One can also visit Daniel’s bathroom, allowing children to help Daniel wash his hands with soap, pop bubbles, or simply turn on the faucet.

Tap Daniel’s toothbrush to help him brush his teeth, but it would have been nice to help Daniel add toothpaste to this brush as well. I also have mixed feelings with Daniel washing his hands for only about six seconds – a shorter length of time than I want my son to wash, but this time does make sense in terms of the pacing of this app, and Daniel does scrub his hands together nicely, which I like.

It is also nice that this app includes both a toilet as well as a potty seat, allowing children to place a stuffed cat on the potty seat but not on the toilet – a message I am sure all parents want to reinforce, but it would be nice hear Daniel tell children to please don’t put toys on or in the toilet as well so kids don’t miss this point thinking it was an oversight.

Also included is the message to not overstuff paper in the toilet, as children are able to tap the toilet paper for pieces to be added to the toilet. However, it is stopped by Daniel after a few pieces are added, and children are asked to flush before adding more. I am sure children will enjoy the working flusher, allowing children to watch the water levels rise again – a nice touch.

A gentle bedtime scene is also included. Help Daniel go to sleep by exploring his room, making his surroundings more comfortable to sleep in, such as turning off the light, clicking on a lamp, or turning on soothing music if children choose, as well as finding Daniel’s favorite blanket or tapping a book to hear a very short bedtime story. Other choices include tapping a door so that it is left ajar or hearing the soothing words of Daniel’s mother. Do tap the window as well, as this will trigger the sun setting or rising when one would in turn like Daniel to wake.

I really enjoy the details seen when Daniel is noticeably tired, eyes heavy as he is goes to bed – a relatable look many parents will recognize with their own children.

A sticker section is also included offering four backgrounds to choose from, be it a landscape one can detail with characters from this show or other objects, as well as three rooms from Daniel’s home which one can decorate accordingly.

I would like to see, however, an Undo button included within this sticker section. As of now, only an Erase function is included, which clears the page entirely – a function not always needed when one would like to fix a single misplaced sticker.

All in all, Daniel Tiger is a warm and friendly character that young children will enjoy interacting with. We have not see the PBS show as of yet, so I think it is fair to say that children who don’t know of Daniel will also enjoy this app, but parents who remember the original character of Daniel Striped Tiger may be especially smitten with this application.

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