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Boot Camp Challenge Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on September 29th, 2011
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The ideal kick of motivation needed to exercise more frequently and more effectively.

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Winter is coming which means poor weather outside which means staying indoors in the warm eating well and living a relatively sedentary lifestyle. Or at least that's what it means for me. As someone who regularly goes walking to combat a working life spent sitting down, I'm going to need a new way to exercise. While Gorilla Workout was my previous favorite for such a task, Boot Camp Challenge looks to be giving it a run for its money thanks to some pretty comprehensive video clips.

Offering an 18 day program of exercise courtesy of U.S Army Trainer and certified Personal Trainer Lori Patterson, Boot Camp Challenge sets out to offer the perfect workout whatever the level of fitness. Upon first loading and setting up a profile, the user is taken through a series of questions as to their level of expertise and what other equipment they have available to use. An 18 day plan is then devised according to such options with the ability to swap exercises out whenever needed or to lower or raise the workout intensity.

Each of the 200 exercises available comes with a video to show the ideal form to be taken - a very useful thing to watch so as to not make a mistake and potentially get injured. Time limits are also provided so that the user always knows how much time to devote to the program. These can range from anything to a few minutes to an hour depending on the intensity and level of difficulty chosen. Browsing through each workout is a little stuttery and slow to react which can begin to irritate when starting a new program and wanting to browse through what's to come later in the week.

Uniquely, music can be added to play alongside the exercise and due to beat-sync technology, the app can match the tempo of the music to the workout while picking out the best music to play depending on the intensity of the repetition. It works quite well too although can be a little crash happy when first being set up. It certainly makes a welcome change from doing workouts silently.

Boot Camp Challenge is a well rounded, well thought out app that covers most things anyone could want. While the odd crash or slowdown is an annoyance, it doesn't appear to disrupt much within the app with Boot Camp Challenge never seeming to lose track of progress. All that's needed now is the motivation to keep using it on a daily basis!

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