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BeerStat Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on April 5th, 2011
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Ever wonder just how much you drink on a night out? Beer Tracking with BeerStat might be just what you need.

Developer: 177Designs
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Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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After a night out, do you wonder why on earth your wallet feels so much lighter than it did? It's so easy on a boozy night out to lose track of your spending and have no idea where it's all going. Plus of course it's often quite handy to know just how much you're drinking to roughly know how many calories you've consumed. Enter BeerStat, an app that aims to do all this - providing that you remember to enter the relevant details.

The app itself is pretty simple to set up, excluding a sliding interface rather than simply tapping the buttons which takes a little bit of mental adjustment. It's easy enough to set up what units you want to use (covering imperial, metric and US measurements) and what drinking and spending limit you want to set for yourself each week. You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can share your drinking habits.

Once it comes to adding beer related information, BeerStat is similarly easy to learn. You can add Beer Labels for future reference along with whether it's your favorite, its average price as well as its alcohol volume percentage. Scrolling over to Had a Beer or the Home screen of the app enables you to add a drink to your total as and when you drink it. Of course this does assume that you remember to do so at the time and that you're coherent enough to do so (but you drink responsibly, right?). You could always add the drinks the next morning of course.

Accuracy is pretty important in an app with such comprehensive statistical screens. The main stats screen informs you of how much you've spent so far, how your weekly limit is going and how it relates to your monthly salary, what your favorite beer is so far, and how many calories you've consumed. The records screen lets you know what your heaviest day, week or month of drinking was in terms of expense and quantity of alcohol.

It's all pretty comprehensive overall. The only annoyance is that it would have been useful if the app had come up with some predefined values for popular brands of beer as it can take a little while to setup at first. Other than that however, BeerStat is a neat little app. The ideal app for those in need of keeping track of their spending and alcohol consumption.

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