Another Monster at the End of this Book…Staring Grover and Elmo is a universal interactive storybook application and a fun sequel to the previously reviewed app, The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover, an interactive storybook based on the published book of the same name.

Much like its predecessor, this interactive app tells the story of Grover who, after reading the title of this book, is afraid to get to the end of this story because he is afraid of monsters, here co-starring Elmo as well. Interactive elements are included that foil Grover’s attempts to keep readers from digitally turning the pages as they get closer and closer to the end.

At first glance, this book is a remake of a classic story that many will feel does not need to be updated with an additional character. At first, I admit that I believed this same way. I must note, however, that the inclusion of Elmo changes the dynamic to a tone some parents may feel is more child-friendly.

As I have mentioned in my previous review, The Monster at the End of This Book is a true family favorite in our house, a book both my husband and I loved as children as well. This title is very creative and witty, and most children will get a kick out of the humor within these pages as Grover begs and pleads for readers not to turn the pages.

As much as I love this story, hamming it up when I read this book out loud to our son, it does register in the back of my mind how mean-spirited this book may seem to some as Grover’s angst seems very real, and yet my son take great delight in turning these pages without concern for Grover’s feelings.

For this reason, I think Sesame Street did a nice job in creating a related story with the same fun elements with less drama, as here Elmo’s character is actually quite curious about the monster at the end of this book, and Grover, a worrier by nature in this story, does not display the same level of anxiety while these pages are turned, and even becomes willing to take a look at this monster after Elmo’s insistance.

Here, this story shows the relationship – the give and take – between these characters instead of the connection Grover makes with the audience within the first book and application, as the original first-person delivery of Grover’s woes may make the first story all the more troubling for some. Because of this, families also looking for a gentler version of The Monster at the End of This Book may be very fond of this application.

Children and adults will really enjoy the interactive elements included as well as watching these scenes unfold with nice animated elements which still look very much like moving book illustrations that parents will appreciate.

I also enjoy the fun extra moments found when one fully lets each page play out that are not included within the published version such as cute banter between these characters, comedic moments as well as hints to the included interactions.

I find the “Parents” section of this app to be thoughtfully written, Elmo’s tutorial helpful to new app users, and the ability to personalize this app with a children’s name cute, yet I could do without the pull-out tab of other apps available by these developers as this kind of app fuels the wants of children in ways parents don’t always appreciate.

Having said this, I am very pleased with how this book has been adapted into an application – something the developers at Callaway Digital Arts do a uniformly good job with. If interested, please check out their other titles based on published books as well. They are of a consistent high quality.

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