Aerofly FS Review
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Aerofly FS Review

Our Review by Andrew Stevens on February 15th, 2013
Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: DECENT FLIGHT SIM
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Aerofly FS provides gamers with a taste of flight simulation on their iPad!

Developer: Aerofly FS
Price: $6.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0.3
Device Reviewed On: iPad 3

Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar
Replay Value Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar

Aerofly FS is a flight simulation title that focuses heavily on realistic in-flight physics. In this game the user is presented with the open countryside of Switzerland with varied terrain to fly around and explore. Aerofly FS features all major runways in Switzerland which are noticeably quite a few! The main purpose of this app is to give aviation fans a nice and enjoyable flight sim, and for a short amount of time, it does exactly that.

Aerofly FS doesn’t require the player to do anything at all. There are no challenges or missions; it’s just the pilot and the open skies to explore. It does, however, feature 40 achievements to accomplish which gives it some type of challenge. Even though some players can quickly blaze through most of those achievements, that’s still not what this game is about. It’s about creating your own challenges and flying from one airport to the next. It’s about performing a perfect landing at one of the many airports. It’s about feeding the need to spread your wings and fly.

Aerofly FS gives players access to 8 different aircraft ranging from a basic Cessna to a military F-18 Hornet, and each handles differently. One boosts speed and will quickly move from one airport to the next while the other will mosey along at a much slower pace but is perfect for exploring the open terrain or a snowy mountainside. It all depends on what the player wants to do. Users can even get into the cockpit of a high performance plane to perform aerobatic maneuvers. Plus, there are good camera angles allowing players to watch themselves as they perform their own stunts. Also available is the ability to change a few settings as well, for example, changing the in-flight experience in regard to how much wind and visibility players have to deal with. These are just little things that players can do to change the experience ever so slightly. High winds make for an even more difficult landing!

Virtual pilots are presented with two different control schemes to pilot their planes, both tilt and analog controls. Personally, I continued using the standard tilt controls as it made my experience more enjoyable. Also, players are given the option to change sensitivity and change the rudder control from auto to manual. However, the rudder control isn't as effective as it should be and it doesn't add much to in-flight controls. It doesn't help landing a plane, either. The handling of each aircraft varies from one another as some are much more difficult to manage, but the overall handling of each aircraft is not as smooth as I would have liked. However, even with my slight issues with the control of each plane, I still enjoy flying from one airport to the next and giving myself the challenge of successfully landing at each location.

Aerofly FS features great detail on the aircraft and provides multiple camera views to choose from. Also presented is a nice HUD that easily showcases basic in-flight information such as speed, altitude, nearest airports and more. In addition, it has easy navigation of the map that shows every single runway available, and should one choose, players are able to select any runway and start flying from that location.

Aerofly FS is incredibly simple and doesn't have a lot to entice the player except for their love of aviation. Only those who enjoy aviation will find appeal in this game, and even then, one may find themselves getting tired of it pretty quickly after the initial excitement ends. It doesn't offer enough to keep the player entertained, but those who love aviation may just find themselves going back to the game every now and then to enjoy a short flying session. Even though most of the surroundings look pretty bland, it’s still wonderful to take an aircraft up as high as possible to view the ground below and explore all of the terrain.

Aerofly FS certainly does flight simulation well enough, but it still could have been much better.


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