8 Planets Pro has discovered a unique niche with an educational science game uniting astronomy and game play. The application includes four games with topics including: planet names, spelling, “black hole” (planet identification), and matching. The design of this application makes it an especially powerful learning tool since each “game” or level of play builds on the preceding activity, thereby reinforcing what has been taught/learned and challenging the knowledge in a new way. For example, the first game introduces each planet by name, position from the sun, and illustration. The following game shows a picture of each planet and a partial spelling, reviewing what has just been taught. The last two games playfully quiz the player with games focusing on identification and matching. Each game independently can be hours of entertainment, but collectively these games form a cohesive, instructive and illuminating science lesson. I’m amazed at how a creative approach to learning can invigorate a seemingly dry topic. Stargazers will unite and delight over 8 Planets Pro.

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