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Aquatic word game Bubble Words gets soft launched in Canada

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 9th, 2016

The latest title from Genera Games, Bubble Words - Letter Splash, has been soft launched in Canada - and looks to take you on a letter based underwater odyssey.

Throwing you into individual stages, the game asks you to seek out and create specific words relevant to that level – and to do this you must destroy specific obstacles, find rare and unusual letters, and rescue a range of sea dwelling creatures.

How to get better cards in Mobius Final Fantasy

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 8th, 2016

When it comes to authentic Final Fantasy flavor, it's easy to find in Mobius Final Fantasy. The cryptic story and graphical style hit you right from the start, and you don't have to play for too long before you run into a Moogle, Cactuars, and plenty of other instantly familiar touches.

There's a lot that is new as well. One aspect of the gameplay that stands out as something that series veterans may not grasp but that mobile gamers in general should find comfortable is the card-based system that specifies what abilities you bring into combat and how generally tough your character is as well.

It's not a super complicated system, but neither is it immediately obvious how one goes about acquiring better cards to have your character fully prepared for the challenges that are waiting down the road (pretty literally, in the case of this particular game). With that in mind, we thought we'd lay out all the ways you have to improve your cards in Mobius Final Fantasy, the better to have the best possible deck.

Pokemon GO update: Nearby feature returning soon?

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 8th, 2016
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It's hard to remember one aspect of a popular mobile game that's caused as much hand-wringing as the 'Nearby' tab in Pokemon GO. Just in case you're one of the (very) few people who hasn't played the game or followed its coverage, the tab was supposed to offer a way for players to have an easy reference for which Pokemon were nearby and approximately how far away they were.

The phrase "supposed to" is the key there. It never functioned as intended thanks to what gamers dubbed the "three-step glitch," causing all the Pokemon to appear as if they were an equal distance from the player. Instead of fixing it, Niantic deactivated the feature altogether in one of the game's first updates, causing a predictable overreaction from some of the more passionate Pokemon GO enthusiasts.

The thing is, they had a bit of a point, in the sense that when paired with Niantic cutting off support for third-party tracking apps, gamers were left without a way to even know which Pokemon were around, much less hunt them down. The latest Pokemon GO update doesn't offer a fix, but it does provide a roadmap for how the developers might proceed.

Blast your opponent out of the water in Warship Battle’s third season update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 8th, 2016
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If you’re a fan of the ocean, naval history or just enjoy blowing things to smithereens, then you’ll be more than satisfied with the season 3 update of Warship Battle.

Warship Battle comes to you courtesy of JoyCity, the studio that also brought you the hugely successful GunShip Battle - and with Warship Battle shipping over 15 million downloads worldwide it looks like the Korean developer have another success on their hands.

Sprint for gold in Buddyman Run’s Rio update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on August 8th, 2016
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Buddyman Run, the latest endless runner from iDreamSky, has been given a sporting-themed update ahead of Rio 2016.

You can now put your running skills to the test within a colourful new map, hopping hurdles on a track surrounded by trophies, footballs, parrots and torches. There’s even a fun new character to choose, a skeet shooter, well equipped to blast through the obstacles in your way.

4 free apps to help you keep tabs on Rio 2016

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 7th, 2016

The action in Brazil is underway, with athletes from more than 200 nations competing to bring glory and gold home with them. In the U.S., the networks of NBCUniversal are providing extensive coverage of all kinds of sports through August 21, while other countries have similar arrangements when it comes to their television networks.

Still, we're not always around TV screens, even in this day and age. If only there were some mobile apps to help track everything going on in South America this month ... Oh wait, there are!

Prisma update: What's new in this unique photo app

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 5th, 2016
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

We've told you before why Prisma is different than other photo editing and manipulation apps (spoiler: it kind of transforms normal pictures into works of art), and how to get started with it. It's remained popular, and now it's been updated as well.

What can Prisma do now that it couldn't before? Pull up a proverbial chair and we'll fill you in.

How does Go Radar stack up against other Pokemon GO tracker apps?

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 4th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

If it seems like there's a new Pokemon GO app to help you track and locate Pokemon every day, that's because it's pretty close to the truth. Niantic and Nintendo may have carved themselves out a big chunk of the mobile gaming industry, but the cottage industry that has developed alongside it has been even more fascinating to watch.

Go Radar is the latest of these apps to surge up the App Store charts, using crowdsourced, real time info to help gamers locate Pokemon. How does it compare to previous apps of the same type? We gave it a spin while on our nightly Pokewalk (yes, we're pretty sure that will be an official word soon if it isn't already) to find out.

Mobius Final Fantasy guide for beginners

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 4th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It took some time, but mobile devices are finally starting to get their own Final Fantasy games. Mobius Final Fantasy is one of those, complete with lush graphics, mysterious characters, and plenty of the expected trappings.

Even better, it's free to play, breaking away from the series' console ports, which were pretty expensive for mobile titles. With turn-based gameplay, it's not hard to pick up, though there are some details that may not be obvious even after going through the very thorough tutorial.

Happily, those kinds of details are our stock and trade here at 148apps. Take a journey through our Mobius Final Fantasy guide for beginners and you'll be more than a Blank before you know it.

Did Pokemon GO make Pokemon harder to catch?

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 3rd, 2016
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There's been a lot of buzz going through the Pokemon GO community this week after the game received several small updates in the span of a few days. Most of the attention focused on the fact that Niantic removed the infamous three-step tracking feature that was supposed to tell players how close Pokemon were -- but didn't, as it never worked right.

While the debate over that change will likely continue to rage on, something else may have been slipped into the game without quite as many people noticing. Namely, it might now be harder to catch 'em all because it's harder to catch them at all.

What is YouTube Music, and should you care?

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 3rd, 2016
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Every time Google (or Alphabet, as the parent company now prefers to be called) releases an app, it's worth watching. YouTube Music is no different, and while the app first hit the App Store prior to this year, only the most recent version has rocketed it to prominence.

Indeed, YouTube Music is currently in the rarified air enjoyed by the likes of Pokemon GO and Bitmoji Keyboard. So what is it, and should you make space for it on your iPhone or iPad? That's what we're here to investigate.

Instagram Stories makes the app more like Snapchat: What you need to know

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 2nd, 2016
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad
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Instagram and Snapchat aren't just two of the most popular social media or photo sharing apps in the world. They're two of the most popular apps, full stop. But do we really need them to be exactly like each other?

That's no longer a hypothetical question after the latest update hit Instagram this week. It introduced Instagram Stories, which stay on your phone or tablet for 24 hours then disappear. You can also draw on the videos or images and use text, plus control who gets to see them.

Why crowdsourced Pokemon GO apps are now the way to go

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 2nd, 2016

Rest in peace, Pokemon GOunofficial companion map apps. And long live those same apps.

The run enjoyed by apps like GO Gear and services like Pokevision.com was a fun one. They worked by using Niantic's API for Pokemon GO, essentially peeking behind the curtain to determine exactly where different Pokemon would spawn and how long they'd stick around.

While some players decried them as cheats, there's no doubt that having the info they provided made the game a lot more purposeful than simply stumbling around and hoping to find pocket monsters you'd never encountered before. But as the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and with the game's most recent round of updates, Niantic more or less neutered those apps, explaining that the extra strain they added to the game's servers was hindering the experience of the masses.

Thus, Pokevision has gone from essential to useless just like that, and apps that worked in similar fashion have also been cut off at the source. What hope is there now for Pokemon location apps?

Big Bang Racing guide: tips, tricks, and hints

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 1st, 2016
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Big Bang Racing isn't your average racing game. For one thing, you don't even start the game able to race.

You're also not trying to beat anyone by going fast in a straight line. Anything but, actually, as you learn to make your way through physics-defying courses of every kind that can send you backwards, upside-down, and through all manners of strange obstacles before you get to the finish.

Oh, and did we mention that the courses were designed by other players?

It can be a little tough getting your bearings in a game like this, but that's why we're here. Take a ride through out Big Bang Racing guide and we'll give you all the tips, tricks, and hints you need to have the basics down pat.

Pokemon GO update: 3 things you need to know

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 1st, 2016
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Forget big, splashy content additions for the time being. Pokemon GO received an update over the weekend, and it mostly came with a whimper instead of a bang.

That's not to say it wasn't welcome. The update, which hit both iOS and Android, fixed one of the more annoying things that didn't work with the game for most of its existence, made a key activity simultaneously easier and more difficult, and introduced some unintentional humour (we think) into the mix.