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The Apple Watch Will Answer All of Your Important Questions with Mattel's Magic 8 Ball App

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 21st, 2015

Mattel's Magic 8 Ballis a classic mystical, magical plasticfortune-telling device that delighted teenagers with its' Yes/No answers since the 1950s. Modern teens can now enjoy its vague foresight on the Apple Watch with theMagic 8 Ball app.

Personal Assistant App 24me has Made the Jump to the Apple Watch

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 21st, 2015
+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
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24me, the personal assistant app, has unveiled its' new version for the Apple Watch. The watch app lets you access to your calendar, meetings, tasks, and notes all in one place. You can also set personalized notifications for things like bill payment or birthdays.

Call Levels Lets You Keep Up to Date on Your Investments Through Your Apple Watch

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 21st, 2015
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Call Levels is a financial monitoring app that notifies you in real-time about your investments and the world’s major markets. You can set alerts for "930 currency pairs; 13 commodities such as gold, silver and oil; 9 indices, and more than 500 U.S. equities." That's a lot of equities! Call Levels co-founder, Cynthia Siantar says “By the time the Apple Watch is launched we anticipate having over 1000 equities available."

Call Levels makes it simple to set an alert. You simply select the asset you want to be notified about and set the desired price. When the price is hit, you'll recive a push notification. You can also add your friends to share your alerts.

Call Levels is free on the App Store and will be available for the Apple Watch on April 24.

Pandemic: The Board Game Has Gone Universal and is Now On Sale

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Don't let the virus win! Now you can download Pandemic: The Board Game, by F2Z Digital Media, for all of your iOS devices. The app is based on the fantastic board game by Z-man games. As employees of the CDC, you and your friends will have to work together to control and eventually cure 4 major disease outbreaks. Can you beat them all in time?

To celebrate the app going universal, F2Z Digital Media is running a sale from April 17 to 24. You can pick up Pandemic: The Board Game for only $4.99 until then..

Get Ready to Read Bloomberg Business on the Apple Watch

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015

Fans of Bloomberg Business will soon be able to get all their news on the Apple Watch. The app lets you get the top headlines on your main screen and bookmark stories to read later. Using the motion detection in the Apple Watch, the headlines are updated everytime you move your wrist to glance at it. You can also have a personal watchlist that keeps track of a portfolio of stocks, funds, indexes, and currencies. You can monitor movement on securites, see total gains and losses, and get a list of “leaders” and “laggers”.

Keep an eye out for the Bloomberg Business app when the Apple Watch launches on April 24.

Watch This Homerun is Batting for the Apple Watch

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015

Eyes Wide Games'Watch This Homerunis purportedly the first sports game coming to the Apple Watch, where you'll be up to bat as the pitcher tries to out-manuever you with fastballs, curveballs, and changeups. Using one-touch controls you can try to hit as many homeruns as possible. The game has a progression-based League system meant to make you really feel like you're a part of the team. You'll be able to track your achievements and progress on the leader boards, as well as compare your stats with friends to find out who the best batter is.

“We’ve seen where Apple Watch is going, and it’s clear that giving sports fans and gamers fast and easy ways to plug into their favorite pastimes anytime will be a defining feature of the platform,” said Eyes Wide Games CEO Stephen Griffin, in a press release. “With Watch This Homerun, we’re distilling the complete baseball experience down to its greatest hits in a form players can enjoy in just 10-15 seconds on the go.”

You'll be able to get ahold of Watch This Homerun later this month for the Apple Watch.

These are Most of the Apple Watch Apps and Games We've Managed to Dig Up So Far (Updated)

Posted by Rob Rich on April 20th, 2015

The Apple Watch is less than a month from hitting store shelves, and once you get your hands on it you're probably going to want some apps and games to install. Fear not! We've compiled a list of all the Apple Watch apps and games we've been able to find so far.



By TheCodingMonkeys

App Store Description:

RULES! is a cute puzzle game that's challenging, fast-paced and fun.

• Choose your preferred type of game: Beginner, Expert or Timeless •

Follow RULES! into a hundred level-deep maze of cuteness and order:

• Multi-touch interface at its finest
• Color perception assistance mode
• Whales, Unicorns, Robots and Squirrels!
• A plethora of surprising new game mechanics

• Includes a daily brain workout mini-game for Apple Watch •

Field Trip Can Take You on a Guided Tour, Wherever You Are

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Field Trip, by Google’s Niantic Labs, is an exploration app that gives you details about the awesome places you can discover wherever you find yourself. The app can show you local history, delicious restraunts, the best places to shop, and places to just have fun. Field Trip curates information from over 200 publishers such as Thrillist, Zagat, Spotted by Locals, Arcadia History Press, and Cool Hunting.

You can start your adventure today by downloading Field Trip for free.

Watch Your Six - SPY_WATCH is Infiltrating the Apple Watch This Week

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015

SPY_WATCH, by Bossa Studios, is a new game designed for the Apple Watch. Runmor has it your spy agency has fallen out of favor. To save it, you'll need to train-up a spy and send them on missions to earn you a stunningly suspicious reputation and some cash to improve your spy's abilities. The app will send you real-time notifications from you agent so you can keep track of their progress.

Bossa Studios co-founder and Chief Spy Master, Imre Jele commented: “We are now all used to communicating via short text based messages and we felt this would be a really interesting and accessible way to tell an interactive story. Thanks to the Apple Watch we are now able to bring the thrill of espionage to your wrist, just like one of James Bond’s infamous gadgets.”

SPY_WATCH will be released on April 24, right alongside the Apple Watch.

Both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike are Available on the App Store

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 20th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike, by Microsoft, have officially landed on the App Store.Spartan Assault pits you against the Covenant with missions geared to tell the story of the origin of Spartan Ops. InSpartan Strike you'll delve into the events surrounding Halo 2 as you lead UNSC troops against the Promethean forces. Both games give you all new stories in the Halo universe and let you complete weekly challenges for experience. You'll have to fight hard to beat your friends to the top the leader boards.

Both Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike are available for $5.99 each.

The Apple Watch Could Revolutionize the Way We Travel

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 19th, 2015

It’s not here yet but there’s that developing sneaky feeling that the Apple Watch, despite its price tag and low battery life, might yet change quite a lot about how we conduct our lives. While I don’t think it’s going to be an overnight transformation, I can see it being a slow but steady process. One such area where the Apple Watch could make all the difference is when it comes to convenience while traveling. Here are a few ways in which it could simplify our traveling life.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 Version 2.0 is Here

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 19th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Mad Skills Motocross 2 fans got some good news this week as Turborilla has given the game its biggest update yet. Now you'll have access to Versus mode where you can compete against your friends in timed challenges. Turborilla has implemented a leveling system and added a new, faster motorcycle called the #8. You can also try out 12 new tracks in the Pro Career division and speed across the new desert environment.

You can check out the new and improved Mad Skills Motocross 2 for free.

Kids Can Practice Healthy Living With Green Riding Hood, Coming Soon

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 19th, 2015

Bobaka is releasing a new interactive book called Green Riding Hood in May. The app teaches kids about yoga andorganic style of life through mini-games and a fun take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. In this story, however, the wolf won't be eating anyone.

The app features artwork by, award winning illustrator Andrey Gordeev, and is narrated by Scottish actor Alistair Findlay. You can download Green Riding Hood for $2.99 come May 21 on the App Store.

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night has Hacked its Way onto the App Store

Posted by Rob Rich on April 17th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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It's time to put the Darkness back in its place now that Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night has officially made it to iOS.

The first Chainsaw Warrior was a card-driven game of strategy and chance that had you single-handedly storming a building full of horrors in an attempt to stop the apocalypse. The basic idea is the same, but this time you've got lots more goodies to play around with. Things like new weapons, powers, and equipment. There's also a revamped combat system and new areas to explore (i.e. get killed in).

You can grab Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night off the App Store for $5.99. So strap on your body armor and start sharpening your blade, because the Darkness isn't going to defeat itself now is it?

A World of Ice and Fire Lets You Stalk 25 Different Game of Thrones Characters

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 17th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

George R. R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire, by Random House, is a mobile guide to the epic series. The new update gives you the Journeys map feture that will let you track the movements of 25 different characters. But don't worry, you can protect yourself from spoilers by filtering the map by chapter. The new map is part of the "A Game of Thrones InfoPack" ($1.99), so if you have already purchased it or the "Five-Novel InfoPack" ($4.99), you'll get the map for free.

You can download George R. R. Martin’s A World of Ice and Fire for free.