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Candy Crush Jelly Saga guide - How to beat the Jelly Queen every time

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 14th, 2016

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is the trickiest Candy Crush game yet - and much of that is thanks to its boss battle levels where you have to claim territory from the evil Jelly Queen.

To help you out, we’ve taken a look at some of the best strategies to beat her every time.

Pixel Starships guide - Tips and tricks for conquering the galaxy

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 14th, 2016

Ever wanted to conquer the galaxy with your very own starship? Of course you have! How could you not?

Pixel Starships is an excellent way to do precisely that, and we have some great tips and tricks on how best to succeed in your plan for domination.

Gods of Olympus guide - How to become a God to be reckoned with

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 13th, 2016

Ever wanted to be a powerful God controlling everything in the world? Well, Gods of Olympus is as close as you’re going to get to experience that.

You might need some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Godly powers - and that’s where we come in. Read on!

Farm Heroes Saga guide - How to master the multiplier

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 12th, 2016

On the surface, Farm Heroes Saga seems like a simple version of Candy Crush Saga, but don’t let that colorful exterior fool you.

Let's take a look into how to make that wonderful multiplier work for you.

Game of War: Fire Age guide - Why you should join an alliance

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 12th, 2016

Game of War: Fire Ageis a ridiculously big deal. There’s a lot to learn if you want to truly end up being a big name in the game world, but we’re going to focus on one of the most important parts - joining an alliance. Because safety in numbers is a huge deal when you’re playing Game of War: Fire Age.

Mobile Strike guide - How to get the most out of your missions

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 11th, 2016

Has Mobile Strike hooked you right from the very start? Or maybe you’re new to this modern take on Game of War? Either way, we thought we’d help you out by offering you some tips and tricks based around one of the most important parts of the game - the missions. You’ll be levelling up in no time!

Candy Crush Saga guide - How to use special candies effectively

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 9th, 2016

Ahh, Candy Crush Saga. It’s a bit like returning to an old friend, isn’t it? Familiar and comforting.

While pretty much everyone knows how to match three candies together, the trick to truly succeed is to know when and how to use your special candies.

We’ve got some great tips on how to do just that, ensuring you’ll be flying through those levels in no time.

Rayman Adventures guide - How to get the chest of gems in every level

Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 8th, 2016

When you got your brand new mobile device for Christmas, you probably headed straight on over to the App Store or Google Play to grab the gorgeous Rayman Adventures, right?

It's the sequel to the incredibly fun platformers Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, and largely follows in their capable footsteps aside from a few huge changes. The levels are open for exploration this time, for a start, thanks to a new ability to change Rayman's direction.

Then there's the Incrediballs, a new (and odd-looking) ally for Rayman - each of which provides handy power-ups that help him get a good score in each level.

Bringing the right Incrediballs into a level is only half of the battle though - but don't worry, we've got you covered with this guide on how to get the chest of gems in each one.

Tap My Katamari guide - Tips and tricks on how to keep on rolling

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 8th, 2016

So, feel like tapping like crazy to see your Katamari grow to massive proportions? That makes sense and explains why Tap My Katamari has you hooked.

It doesn't do a great job of explaining itself though, right? Don’t worry about it. 148apps has you covered with some tips and tricks to get you started.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga guide - Tips and tricks for the newbie jelly spreader

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 7th, 2016

So, you’ve just downloaded Candy Crush Jelly Saga, King’s latest game, and you’re not quite sure where to begin. Don’t worry about it, as 148Apps has you covered with some helpful tips on how to get started.

Expect this one to take up your free time like Candy Crush Saga did before it.

Spread that jelly

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is different from its predecessor. Instead of trying to clear jelly, you’re actually trying to spread it around the level. It’s a subtle but important shift, so try not to forget!

Jelly is spread by making matches with candies that have already been covered with the substance. Don’t bother making matches where all the candies are free of jelly. It won’t help you here.

Plan ahead

You’re tempted to go match crazy, right? Don’t do it. Take your time and plan each move ahead.

Like with any strategy game, you want to pay attention to the whole board and take it all in. Don’t just focus on one small area. You can accrue some handy combos this way.

Don’t forget to use special candies

Do your best to set up some great special candy combos. Match striped candies with other striped candies for profit and fun. Line up 5 candies together to create a special spotted candy that’ll clear all the gems of the same color that you match it with.

Oh, and those cute jelly fish you’ve seen in other King games? Save them for last. Always! They’ll take out a random but important candy, so they’re often a great way to tackle a tricky spot.

Battling the Jelly Queen

New to Candy Crush Jelly Saga are the Jelly Queen levels. These are the most strategy-focused stages, and they’re great.

The key here is that you’re trying to cover the level with more of your jelly than the Queen. You take it in turns to make a move and you can create special candies to give you an extra move. Plan really carefully here.

Remember though, don’t use one of her colored candies to set up a move - that will only help her out!

What do you think of Candy Crush Jelly Saga? Is it as good as Candy Crush Saga? Got some great tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

BattleHand guide - Tips and tricks to help you build a strong party and deck

Posted by Glen Fox on January 7th, 2016

BattleHand is a brand new mobile action RPG card battler that just launched on iOS and Android. It challenges you to build a party of typical fantasy heroes and a powerful deck of combat cards for each of them before setting out on an adventure full of turn-based battles.

ThoughBattleHanddoes a pretty good job of easing you into its unique brand of deck and character building, it can still feel a little overwhelming at first - particularly for genre newcomers. With that in mind, we've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

Basket Fall guide - Tips and tricks to help you slam dunk or trick shot every time

Posted by Glen Fox on January 7th, 2016

Basket Fall is, for want of a better term, a new endless dunker by the retro-obsessed developer behind Bean Dreams, and it's out right now on iOS.

It's kind of like Cut the Rope meets Flappy Bird. You have to tap to slice a rope tied to a swinging basketball at the exact moment necessary for it to fall into a basket. Yup. Basket. Fall.

It's not easy but, as a result, pulling off a trick shot or a slam dunk is incredibly satisfying stuff. Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to do exactly that.

Squareface guide - Tips and tricks to avoid being a square

Posted by Brittany Vincent on January 6th, 2016

Squarefaceis a quirky, bizarre, and great looking adventure out now on iOS. It's also pretty tough if you don't really know how to approach it, or if you're normally a mobile gamer who gravitates to titles likeCandy Crush Sagaor endless runners. It's a whole different ballgame.

To make sure you're up for the task, we've got these tips and tricks to help you fight all the way to the end.

How to get the most out of your Incrediballs in Rayman Adventures

Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 28th, 2015

Chances are you've just received a brand new mobile phone or tablet for Christmas, and you're looking for something to keep you busy over the chilled out festive period.

Well, why not give Rayman Adventures a whirl? It's the follow-up to much loved mobile platformers Jungle Run and Fiesta Run.

It does play slightly differently though. You'll still spend most of your time running, punching, and gliding around a collection of gorgeous UbiArt levels, but this time you're not locked to moving in a single direction.

With a quick swipe you can change direction and explore the crevices of each level to find hidden treasures, Lums, and Teensies.

The most exciting new addition has to be the Incrediballs though. These are powerful new allies for Rayman, who'll join you in a level and provide you with special abilities to help you get a higher score.

To help you get the most out of your Incrediballs - as well as Rayman's skillset in general - we've spent some time with the game to bring you this extensive beginners guide.

Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy guide - Tips and tricks to cover your six

Posted by Campbell Bird on December 23rd, 2015

Being a space captain can be pretty tough - especially when you're thrust into the position prematurely and asked to lead a relatively puny force against hordes of squid-like aliens.

And that's exactly what happens inStar Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy, the new turn-based strategy game by Slitherine.

To help you get up to speed, we dove deep into the interstellar combat scenarios to bring you this guide to combat.