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Take down enemy airships in this area-combat, turn-based, and steampunk-themed strategy title.

What's New

THE BIG SUMMER UPDATE: Ærena 2.0: HAMMER of INCquisition released!

- Ærena gets a complete visual overhaul with a new streamlined UI, a new effects and animation system!
- We finally introduced SKINS for both Ships and Champions! Get ready for some crazy outfits and the first community created and inspired skins
- The display of all mechanics in matches just got intenser with the Æther visualisation effects and overhauled animations and action cams!
- The worlmap takes a break and makes place for an intuitive main menu.
- A whole new class of Champions enter the Ærena with it's first representative: HAMMER - an ultra tough masochistic Æther powered combat robot from the INCquisition!
- We also overhaued the League Tier system and introduced Subtiers to all tiers but Æthermasters.
- Other noteworthy updates: Brand new main missions and the introduction of daily missions, and a completely new tutorial.

To celebrate this major Milestone, we slashed all the prices in the game MASSIVELY!

App Description

Assemble your team of Champions and face-off against your opponents in the game that redefines turn-based tactical combat.
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9.0/10 Gamezone.com
8.8/10 Appszoom.com
10/10 Techdtudo.com.br
8/10 Gamingnexus.com
4.5/5 onrpg.com
4/5 Gamezebo.com
83/100 testmania.de

Set in a unique Ætherpunk world in which powerful masters and their champions fight it out for control of valuable Æther, Aerena offers gamers a deep and variable strategic experience, packed into 10 minute play sessions. Plan your strategy, build your team, equip powerful Æther shells and outwit real-world foes to dominate the battlefield and become an Æther Master.

Deep tactical action

Aerena combines deeply strategic turn-based gameplay, character collecting and team building into a truly unique experience that’s built for gamers. Battle it out across an ever-changing range of arenas to destroy your enemies, knock their airships out of the sky and become a true Æther Master

High-end 3D graphics

Aerena’s powerful game engine has been especially optimized for mobile. Zoom in and out of the battlefield and savour the incredibly detailed combat animations.

Battle against thousands

Plan your strategy and prove your skills in against thousands of real-world online opponents. Join the League and climb up the tiers to win great prizes.

Build your team of Champions

Creating the right team determines victory or defeat on the battlefield. Champions each have their own way of attacking as well as truly unique abilities and special powers to make sure no battle is ever the same.

Huge range of challenges

Earn in-game money and experience every day by taking on new challenges for endless replayability .

Bite-sized gameplay

Designed to be played anytime, anywhere Aerena lets you jump into a match for a quick 10 minute gameplay fix at home or on the go.

Earn huge rewards to turn the tide of battle

Dominate your opponents to earn valuable experience and level up. Use cash you’ve earned to turn the battle in your favor with new Champions, airships and game-changing packs of Æther shells.

Experience multiple arenas

Adjust your strategy, defense tactics and your team to suit the arena that you’re playing on. Strategically placed tiles with special powers will help or hinder your progress.

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App Changes

August 24, 2014 New version 2.0.15354
August 03, 2014 New version 2.0.14366
July 02, 2014 New version 1.6.13698
May 12, 2014 Initial Release