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One awesome game for you! One giant sweep for mankind!

Burn through the troublesome space debris with your super-strength rocket thrusters and impeccable piloting skills! Blast off into outer-space on a debris destruction mission! Sent to boldly clean where no man has cleaned before; you must tackle the dense and dangerous space junkyard in your tiny rocket.

There's no way to turn off your thrusters after launch and no slowing down, so you’ll need nerves of steel and a steady hand!

Watch out for random space junk and never let anything hit your ship, or you’re space toast and it’s game over! Some space junk even explodes on impact, so watch out for rogue asteroid rocks and steer clear of ship shattering shockwaves!

Destroying space objects earns you scraps – which can be used to gain power-ups as well as to upgrade your ship. There are 10 different ships and 10 awesome power-ups to help you on your Cosmic Clean-Up crusade! Use them wisely and change your strategy as you play, to maximise your space junk destruction efforts! With 8 insane worlds and 40 space-junk filled levels to sweep through – this isn’t just your average clean-up!

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App Changes

June 27, 2013 Initial Release

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