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The war is on! Tank Nation blasts its way up the app store charts with explosive artillery and competitive combat.

What's New

• Tanks blow up better! Improved special effects.
• Burning now causes damage over time!
• Mines now detonate on proximity
• Enemies can now drop parts that are already leveled up
• Enemies have a small of chance of dropping parts stronger than they are

App Description

Tank Nation is a free-to-play single and multiplayer game that brings classic tank vs. tank fun to the iPad – with turn-based arcade action and awesome characters. Collect loot, customize your tanks, and blow stuff up!

In the world of Tank Nation, you advance through one-on-one tank combat. You are a tank commander, building and customizing your tanks, and battling and recruiting other nations’ tank drivers. Each nation features tanks with unique attack and defense classes. Build a battalion of tanks, select the best one for each fight, then roll out and defeat the minions and leaders of each nation. Your goal is the build out the baddest tanks to take on other players, and ultimately compete in the Tank Nation Tournament.

In battle, you advance, fire, defend, and deploy multiple weapon systems. You see the field of battle from the classic side-scrolling view, move your tank by dragging forward, and shoot by pulling back to fire. Your arsenal includes:

• Hammer: quad-missile launcher
• Gunsaw: explosive-tipped gatling cannon
• Striker: short-range blast cannon
• Splasher: compressed liquid launcher
• Dragon: short-range spray thrower
• Mortar: long-range explosive launcher
• Shatter Bomb: shockwave grenade
• Gun Drone: independent attack drone
• Walker: all-terrain bipedal chassis
• Jumper: hydraulic leaping chassis
• Glider: thrust-assisted treads
• Reflect Shield: weapon repulsion barrier

"Now go kick some tank!" - Josie Watts

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App Changes

February 26, 2014 New version 1.0.26
January 25, 2014 New version 1.0.25
January 10, 2014 New version 1.0.24
December 11, 2013 New version 1.0.22
November 14, 2013 New version 1.0.21
November 14, 2013 Initial Release