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- Repeat fart added to Timed Fart.
- Bug fixes.

App Description

NEWS FLASH: New High-tech precision farting technology available! Farting is now an ART.

Fart Studio's innovative engineers have announced the release of new farting technology allowing users to create the most disgusting farts this planet has ever heard with a single drag of the finger! Like em juicy? You got it! Cheek flutter? Yep. Long? Short? Loud? Squeaker? You artfully control the outcome of each and every fart. Farting is now officially an art.

-Makes farting an art! - Control the disgustingness of each fart by how you drag your finger on the farting surface.
-Play practical jokes with remote controlled farting! Control a single device with an iPhone/iPod Touch or control 4 devices with the iPad!
-Timed farting... countdown 'til fart!
-Stealth farts... Screen turns black to hide the evidence.
-Lots and lots of FARTS!
-Cool farting visual effects including flying poo chunks.

THE FARTING SURFACES - Are you the Picasso of farts?
Select a fart then tap the surface for your usually disgusting fart sound. OR, after you touch the surface, drag your finger around the surface to modify the fart and make it even more disgusting! As you drag to the left your fart starts to rumble and get bubbly. Move to the right for more of a quick squeaker fart. Move up to make it more intense and down to be more subtle. The art of the fart has endless possibilities!

Yes, this is exactly what you think, remote controlled farts!!! Hilarious!! Here's an example of how you can use it:
Prank Scenario: So you're in the library with some friends studying and you really need a break. It's time for a little fun. Take an iPod Touch with Fart Studio on it and secretly place it next to your study buddies. Next excuse yourself to the restroom. Little do your buddies know you're actually hiding in the history section with your iPhone running Fart Studio in remote control mode. Your finger connects to the Fart Studio and as you drag it across the high-tech farting surface the sound doesn't come out of your iPhone, it blasts from the iPod you hid by your study buddies!!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

What's really cool is that if you have an iPad, you can control 4 other farting devices at the same time!

*The "Remote Fart" works with all iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads with the exception of 1st gen iPhones and 1st gen iPod Touches.

Just like a bomb. Set the timer, place the device, and walk away. Countdown...... FART!!!!!!!

You can turn stealth mode on at any time to hide Fart Studio's graphics and show only a black screen. This will let you fart more discretely. You can also turn this on when you're using your device as a remote! And lastly this feature automatically turns on after you set the timer for Timed Farts!

Every time your finger connects with the Fart Studio an explosion of visual effects bursts forth and smoke billows out of the fartstacks. Fart Studio has a bunch of visual effects that you can choose from for maximum fart enjoyment.


P.S. Send your funny Fart Studio prank stories to [email protected] Your story could be featured!

Happy Farting!

iPhone Screenshots

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Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 1 Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 2 Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 3 Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 4

iPad Screenshots

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Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 5 Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 6 Fart Studio - Revolutionary New Farting Surface! screenshot 7

App Changes

  • December 11, 2011 Price decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!
  • December 30, 2011 Price increase: FREE! -> $0.99
  • December 30, 2013 Price decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!

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