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The 1.1 update totally removes timing lag (latency). The tilt games use a purposeful inertia, which should not be confused for lag. Thanks - The Aurifi Team

* Eliminated lag issues
* Tweaks and improvements to 3D spread of sounds
* Reduced memory usage at startup

Thank you all for the feedback and support, please be sure to follow us on twitter @aurifi and find us on Facebook.

- The Aurifi Team

App Description


Click the 'support' link to find out about compatibility. Aurifi works with all standard installations of 3.1.3, and will not work with *non-standard* installs. Thanks!


Aurifi is a ground-breaking, beautiful, challenging, rewarding Audio Game.

(Pronounced ‘or-if-eye’)


"...an enjoyable and oddly hypnotic experience." - 7/10 BRONZE AWARD PocketGamer

"Aurifi marks the beginning of a completely new genre of gaming" - BornTechie

"4 out of 5 : Download this app if you're ready to try a state-of-the-art audio game" - Snapcase07, Appolicious

"Aurifi is unlike any game available for the iPhone, and is likely the first of its kind for any gaming device." - Appolicious

"Aurifi uses a finely-woven tapestry of sound effects and music to create a gaming experience unlike anything you've experienced before." -TouchMyApps

"5 New App Store Games to Watch" - TouchMyApps (writing of Aurifi)

"Welcome to the advent of audio games on the iPhone and iPod Touch" - N4G

"Really relaxing, great sexy female voice and just so incredibly innovative- 4 stars" - AverageApper iTunes Podcast


It is the first audio-only game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Aurifi combines the two things the iPhone and iPod Touch do best - music and organic interaction.

What is an Audio Game?

You can play Aurifi with your eyes closed, this is a 100% sonic experience.

In video games, players interact with graphics, moving them, aligning them, and reacting to them. In the Aurifi Audio Game, players interact with sound in very much the same way. Sounds different? It is!

Aurifi is an ever-changing sonic landscape that is breathtaking. At the same time it invites you to react, control, fine-tune, identify and dial yourself into your surroundings. The bespoke musical elements are designed to help you feel moods, emotions and progression.

Aurifi was developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms, to make best use of the device’s methods of interaction. Shake, slide and tilt to control the sounds and complete the challenges, and also contribute to the sound.

About the Audio

Video Game makers pour loads of time and effort into making the visual appearance of games spectacular - we have done the same for the audio in Aurifi. Each sound element has been carefully crafted to provide you with a luscious experience that sounds incredible.

You need to wear earphones or headphones to play. Once you are plugged in to Aurifi, you will realise that the ‘game environment’ is massive - you interact with sounds in a 3D audio environment with intense depth. We have designed Aurifi to ‘break outside’ of the device, and get away from the limitations of that small screen.

You know that rush that you get when a big beat or bass-line come in on your favourite records? THAT is the reward in Aurifi - as you pass each micro-challenge, you hear another layer of the music, and they are designed to sound great.

A staggering number of audio samples have been written to work with each other. This means we can mix-up the experience, so you very rarely hear the same music twice. No pre-defined musical path here - we’ve created an entirely new audio game engine to vary the audio experience each time you play.

Like any iPhone or iPod Touch experience, the quality of audio experience can be enhanced by the use of excellent earphones or headphones.

If all this sounds great, but you want to hear it before you buy, go to aurifi.com to listen to the audio demo. Make sure you come back!

Allow yourself to fall in love with Aurifi.

Aurifi has been created for iPhone and iPod Touch by an award-winning team of concept designers, developers, musicians, sound designers and engineers.

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