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Thanks Apple for featuring Slug Wars in "Whats Hot"!

We've heard your feedback, and are working on the following updates, coming shortly:
-Lefty Mode
-Control iPod playlist
-Save game state mid level
Also working on new units, new levels, new difficulty settings and more! Check our Facebook fanpage for more updates.

"Slug Wars is an unexpectedly fun RTS game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game has a unique design and very dynamic gameplay." -Mobile Tech Review

"Slug Wars is a real time strategy game that is all about managing your queue. And let me tell you, it’s GOOD!" -TheAppEra

"Tight, hours of fun/replayability, good art and strategy; well worth $1.99" -iGame Radio

"Slug Wars is a goofy strategy/tower defense game that is addictive and fun." -iPhone life

"A creative take on the genre that combines Real-time strategy with TD. I found Slug Wars to be an enjoyable game, and I was entertained throughout the whole experience." -Your Next App

"Amusing take on tower defense games that throws in offensive strategy; great graphics and character design." -Wired

"its unique take on the tower defense genre and fun visual style helps it stand out." -Popzara

"The game plays out a bit like PopCap's Plants vs Zombies where you have to put your best slugs against their best slugs, and battle to the death." -UGO

"Slug Wars accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. It’s an entertaining real time strategy game with intuitive controls and an endearing art style at an affordable price." -VG Tribune

"a side-scrolling tower defense game with a dash of creativity and superb art direction." -MTV Multiplayer

Ever wonder what happens beneath the canopy of grass in your own backyard? Wonder no more! Slug Wars brings to life the epic battles fought by brave slugs in yards across the nation. Sure, slugs may move slowly, but that doesn’t stop them from strapping salt shakers to their backs and running …err… trudging off to battle their evil foes.

Slug Wars is a real-time strategy game that’s all about managing your units for maximum impact on the battlefield. Slug units move down one of 3 lanes to reach the enemy base, engaging enemies along the way. Defend your base from the slug onslaught, while trying to capture your enemy’s base!

Enjoy countless hours of deep game play as you work to unlock all slug units (with more units on the way!), or challenge your friends to a head-to-head battle!

Do you have what it takes to lead your slug troops to victory?

• Squish your enemies in intuitive touch control gameplay
• Test your mettle in 3 game modes: Campaign, Skirmish and Slug-It-Out
• Select your soldiers with varying speeds, defense and attack abilities
• Pick up flowers from fallen comrades to purchase more units
• Unlock new units as you emerge victorious from battle

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