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A new ability besides slow motion : magnetic fluxor, which can be used to repel bullets. Tap the left side of the screen to activate. The right side now belongs to slow motion.

The path to Jupiter is now filled with asteroids. They also react to your ship's fluxors.

App Description


Editor's Choice Award
"Find a game with better accelerometer controls -- double-dog-dare you. An extremely challenging, yet fun space adventure well worth your four bucks."

An accelerometer based space game that takes the shooting out of shooter and still delivers solid, difficult, and amazingly fun arcade action.
-- 148apps.com

"‘Space Ninja’ Nails the Controls"
-- toucharcade.com

"Awesome presentation; simple, but incredibly fun; slowdown mechanic is brilliant"
Must Have Award -- slidetoplay.com


You are the elite space mercenary "Space Ninja". You have been tasked to deliver a certain object to Jupiter, but mysteriously turret defense systems throughout the galaxy started attacking you.

Force your way through 40 stages of galactic defense systems using your special time-slowdown ability (touch the screen to activate) or using 7 different powerups to help you get through the hardest of defenses.

Over 40 levels, with 5 challenge missions. You can save replays of epic moments you went through to show your friends. Gain medals by finishing stages without special abilities.

Featuring music by Jake Kaufman (virt) and Samuel Ascher-Weiss (shnabubula).

Control is accelerometer based, and you can custom calibrate it. So you can play it vertically, while laying down in the couch, or whatever position you want.

Difficulty of this game rises from very easy to very hard. There's space for everyone.

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