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UPDATE: Next release will include in-game tutorial/help.

Hexile is a UNIQUE fast-paced, fun, yet surprisingly challenging tile-tapping casual game.

Heralded as a truly original casual game for the iPhone, Hexile will wrap you in immersive cinematic music, stunning retro-futurist graphics, and the tile-busting, casual-gaming you love.

Hexile is all about tapping numbers in ascending or descending order to clear a board. For example, if you're on "3", you can hit a "2" or a "4". It starts out simple, and gets a lot more complex.

The gameplay in Hexile is unique, but similar to Trism, FLIP, reMovem, and Bejeweled.

Features / Game Play
With 62 levels per game, there are over 620 playable levels to enjoy.
Four unlockable, unique powerups.
Three changing, cinematic soundtracks
High Score tracking.
Vivid, awesome "1920 GasLamp Journal" design.
High quality, rich sound effects.

To Play:
Tap tiles (stones) in ascending or descending order. Clear the board in time to continue.
Specials are deployed by HOLDING the instrument panel button in and then hitting a tile.

Audio Suggestion:
Much of the in-game feedback (like igniting a Sparker or hitting the wrong tile) is audio based, so this game is most fun when played with the volume cranked.

Besides, the game's sound FX and music are definitely worthy of headphones/surround speakers!

Trapped in an archeological dig site, you face a sequence of stone puzzles that you must overcome to escape.

Break tiles in ascending or descending order - Use specials like the "Sparker" and "BioTox" to decimate anything in your way!

To Come
Future updates will come soon after our initial launch, and will include:

New Level Packs
Expanded Score Tracking
Arcade Mode & Time Trial Mode
Option to Increase Difficulty
Story Mode
In-Game Tutorial

You Call the Shots!
We're letting our fans vote for their next favorite game feature / update.

Have an awesome idea? We'll put you in the credits! Just use the contact form on our site:

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UPDATE: Gameplay Demo Video is available at

UPDATE: AppVee Review and Demo Video is available at

From TouchArcade forums:
"I think this is the most fun I have had with a puzzle game on the iPhone."

"That game is a blast! I love it! - my favorite game right now"

"5/5" (★★★★ 4/5):
"When you first see this game you may write it off like we did, but surprisingly it’s addicting enough that you’ll find yourself going back to it."
"You have yourself a highly addictive game. Fusion Development Group has created a winner in Hexile and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh new puzzler."

148Apps (★★★★ 4/5):
"Hexile had me wrapped around its steampunk finger before I even played it. The minute I saw a screenshot, nostalgia from my Myst-playing days rushed quickly back to the forefront of my mind."
"What Hexile does have going for it is a pretty original premise that is ushered along by its addictive gameplay and unique graphic design."

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