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FREEday 5/25/12 - "They Call Me FREE but I Call Me a Fool"

Posted by Rob Rich on May 25th, 2012

Another week of freebies, this time with very little in the way of “Big Name” titles. No need to panic, it’s intentional. Anyone browsing the App Store will no doubt see the more popular games anyway.

Sing Something the Game - Apparently one thing iOS users can’t get enough of is a game that lets them take turns performing specific actions. It worked extremely well for spelling, and just as well for drawing. I suppose it’s only natural that singing would be next on that list. As someone who does NOT sing, I won’t be messing around with this but I know there are plenty of people out there who will. Or should.

Elenints - It’s often the simplest puzzle games that end up being the most fun. A fact tat bodes incredibly well for a game that revolves entirely around grouping little colored balls together in order to get them to evolve into other forms. Okay, not forms but other colored balls.

Zombie Farm 2 - The original game that took the familiar freemium farm-running formula and sprinkled in zombies did quite well for itself. So much so that it’s gotten a sequel. It might feel a bit like more of the same, only better, but better is better. And the fact that withering is gone is a massive step up as far as I’m concerned.

Super Flip Runner - I’m well aware that there are other games that involve running, jumping, and flipping through random and endless environments. I’m also well aware that a lot of people (myself included) have a thing for retro-styled pixilated visuals. And that even more people tend to like free stuff.

Pirates Age - Okay I might still be riding a high from Rage of Bahamut but I’d consider that a mere coincidence. Being able to play a pirate-themed CCG (collectible card game) against friends and strangers alike just sounds awesome. Know what sounds even more awesome? Aside from the whole “free” thing I mean. Zombie Ghost Whales. Check out the screen shots if you don’t believe me. You’re welcome.

Ancient Gears - What might at first appear like nothing more than a simple match three game is most decidedly not upon closer inspection. Granted it’s still a match three game, but it’s configured into a circular shape this time, which is different if nothing else. It also features special bonuses that can be activated as well as a host of cool-looking story illustrations to unlock.

Zombie Farm 2 Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob LeFebvre on May 23rd, 2012
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Take on the role of a social game farmer who plants both crops AND zombies in this sequel to the original hit, Zombie Farm.
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