Capcom Announces Street Fighter IV: Volt for iOS At E3

Posted by Blake Grundman on June 8th, 2011
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It seems like only yesterday that Capcom's "little fighter that could," was announced to be coming to the iOS platform.  Masses of gamers waited patiently to learn if Street Fighter IV was the portable combat experience that would prove the iPhone and iPod Touch to be viable for hardcore fans of the genre.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that not only did the game perform admirably, but it set the standard for how virtual joysticks should be implemented.  Both far and wide, the game was praised for its high quality production values and emphasis on precision and detailed button interactions.  This was the beginning of a new age for the Street Fighter franchise, and the first in a series of evolutions to the game on iOS.

Though later on the game was updated to include several new characters, including the likes of  Cammy and E. Honda, there was always one piece of the puzzle that still seemed incomplete: multiplayer.  Sure, there was a clumsy Bluetooth multiplayer mode, but nothing that could leverage the power of GameCenter.  For this very reason, Capcom went back to the drawing board when it came to their netcode and are now proudly ready to unveil details about their next installment in the Street Fighter brand: Street Fighter IV: Volt.

The new game, which will unfortunately not be available as an update to the current Street Fighter title, will be the first of its kind to implement full GameCenter compatibility with friends lists, as well as a bevy of ranked matchmaking experiences.  Further sweetening the collective pot is the introduction of four new combatants to the arena: Vega, Cody, Balrog, and a mystery character.  Capcom's representatives were coy when addressing questions about price point and launch window, only divulging that the game was aiming for a June or July launch.  As soon as we have more details, rest assured that they will be found here on 148Apps.