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Flight+ Review

By Angela LaFollette on May 15th, 2012
Flight+ lets users track flights worldwide in real-time. It is also packed with many other exciting features.
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Favorite Four: Travel Apps

Posted by Lisa Caplan on July 28th, 2011

There are so many different types of travel apps we decided to focus this week not only on those that simplify travel in general, but those geared to air travel and travel abroad. Most of the apps are useful for road trips and or as general reference apps as well. These are our top picks that work on all iOS Devices and will help make getting to, staying at, and getting home from any destination easier.

TripIt - Travel Organizer

Travel can be a hassle, especially when flying and dealing with delays and cancellations and landing in a new place with a rental car and no idea where to go. Tripit is a one-stop app for travel organization and flight information. Users can access all their travel plans on a single device no matter where a flight was booked. Fliers do have to forward their confirmation numbers to the tripit website, but then they get "smartineraries" which include driving directions and maps to relevant destinations. The app will send alerts if a booked flight is late or off the tarmac altogether - even provide alternative travel options. There are additional services available to pro users for an annual subscription fee.

Flight Track Pro

Import flight data automatically from any airline confirmation email and get push notifications of real-time changes to any flight. Also access flight itinerary updates, and detailed zoomable maps that work offline. FlightTrack has fewer bells and whistles than the Pro version, and is suitable for occasional travellers. The Pro version has everything frequent fliers need to stay on top of the most complicated intineraries. Features include automatic itinerary synching with TripIt (see above,) iPhone calendar sync, and the ability to share flight status by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is a must-have travel app. As the name suggests, the app ensures a single traveller or someone packing for a group doesn't forget anything at home. The universal app is feature-packed with packing features. There is expert list assistance which are essentially several packing templates for both genders and different ages. Also, users have the ability to create up to eight lists at once. The app has themes and includes suggested lists for everyone from campers to business travellers. There is a master list of over 400 items and of course, users can add their own items. The best part - the app syncs across devices so users can create lists for everyone in their party or family and share them easily.

XE Currency

Travelling internationally this summer? Then we hope you remember how many Euros there are in a US Dollar. Having the right currency and understanding its worth in Dollars or Pounds or Rupees can make the difference between an easy trip full of shopping and even saving, to being left without local currency when needed most. No app can guarantee exact rates, but XE Currency has close to real-time information and generally trusted information. This a great app for day-to-day international commerce as well.