Five For Friday: Week of August 20, 2010

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 20th, 2010

Top Gun 2 - With great graphics, a great score, and a seriously cool movie meme going on, this second iteration in the series is bound to give us more of what we liked from the first game and improve on what we didn't.

MonoRace - Pilot your monobike (honestly, it really looks like a marble) through ever increasing speeds and tracks in this challenging, mind-bending, and just downright fu-looking game from Craneball Studios.

Zombie Escape - This one looks eerily familiar, but the iTunes App Store swears it was released this week. Add line drawing precision to real-time offensive tactics, and you have chaos with a rotting undead flavor, and who can resist that?

Elements - Dropbox Powered Text Editor - Oh, man is this gonna come in handy on stage. I keep all our disco band's lyrics in dropbox, and another copy on my iPad for use with GoodReader. Now I can eliminate the dual app setup with Elements, allowing me to see -- and change on the fly!!! -- lyrics and setlists.

Chicago Tribune - We all wish we had network signal wherever we go, but sometimes that just ain't happening. The Chicago Tribune app allows for offline access and saving favorite stories right to your device, regardless of connectivity.