Appigo's Todo Apps to Synchronize With Upcoming Mac Version

Posted by Carter Dotson on May 4th, 2011

Appigo is developing a version of their task management app Todo for the Mac App Store. The app will come with a variety of features for Mac to improve the desktop platform experience, including Multi-Adaptive Windows, and Task Zooming. These are designed to help users view more tasks and more details on those tasks while on their Mac. As Calvin Gaisford, Appigo's CEO, describes it, "Todo for Mac breaks the rigid one-window app style and allows users to open multiple windows and customize them to match their workflows. However, what users of the current iOS versions will be excited about are the options for synchronization between the upcoming Mac version and the iOS versions.

Todo will be getting Cloud Sync options between Todo for Mac and the iOS versions. Synchronization will come in multiple flavors: Todo Online, a subscription service for $19.99 per year that allows you to sync up your versions of Todo between all of your platforms. The free, online-only version comes with a 14-day trial of synchronization between versions. As well, users can sync versions of Todo for free over local wifi networks. As well, the free third-party service Toodledo will be supported by Todo for Mac for synchronization, so Appigo isn't just limiting their apps to their own services - they're also supporting other services that users might want to use, including synchronization with the desktop iCal. No matter what service you choose for synchronization, you'll know that your tasks are being synced up between devices, however you choose.

Todo for Mac is currently in beta, with plan for release later this summer. Users looking to get their life figured out and synchronized up across all their platforms will have new options available in the near future, and more options available if they use Appigo's Todo software. While the synchronization won't be up to full swing for Mac users quite yet, Todo for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad are available now.